My religion

This is a pretty accurate description of my religion. I grew up Antiochian Orthodox and my father is a priest.

We also don’t consider it as a schism… but that depends on who you speak to. I grew up learning about the split and often wonder if Catholic Church schools taught it as well. Anyone learn about this as a child? I’d understand why Protestant religions wouldn’t be as familiar with Orthodoxy. It is an Eastern religion mostly.


31 thoughts on “My religion

  1. Nice share, but I find I have to disagree with the Georgian church. I don’t think God is particularly happy with 30,000+ denominations. I think we need to take every opportunity to try to bring His church back into harmony, it is, after all, His, not ours.

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  2. You have shown me a gap in my education. I did visit a Greek Orthodox church once in my city. It was beautiful. I like what the Pope said, in the article: “Never try to practice proselytism against the Orthodox (church). They are our brothers and sisters.”

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  3. I didn’t learn about this when I was a kid. Our household wasn’t really religious, although I have other family who are Catholics. I’m non-denominational Christian, and tend to kind of do my own thing. Lol, I’ve been told I’m not Christian-ing right – but I do pray, and talk to God all the time. I just approach it a little differently than the rest of my family. 😀 I do like learning about other denominations and religions though – learning where they may be similar, or completely different, is interesting.

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  4. Hey, I’m Orthodox, too (Greek). 🙂 I didn’t grow up in it, though: I was raised on the fundamentalist end of Protestantism. So I can tell you something about what we learn. I learned a little bit about the Schism in history classes in school, then a little bit about Orthodoxy in a course on Christianity in college. But it just sounded like the Eastern version of Catholicism. I knew nothing about the Fathers of the Church, the Eastern saints, any of that. I didn’t even know much about the Nicene Creed, since my church focused on the Apostle’s Creed. Then I met somebody online who had converted from fundamentalism to Orthodoxy, and he got me curious. I learned a lot about church history which I never knew before, and discovered that while Orthodoxy has a lot in common with Catholicism, it’s not the same thing. It has a worldview which I found much more attractive than anything I’d known before.

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