Guinea Pig Blog

We built this today. The wife and I. πŸ™‚That is Snowy and Noah! We got them last weekend. Guinea Pig blog is back on!


27 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Blog

  1. AWW!!! It makes me want to replace Skippy, my son’s chocolate tarantula. I miss the fuzzy little critter but not the crickets he allowed to escape his menu and take up residence throughout the house.

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  2. Cute little buggers! I had a hamster when I was a high school freshman. He was our biology experiment. We NEVER hurt him. Someone had to house him, so I was chosen, for our group of four in the class to take him home. He was a silver teddybear and such a love bug. Oddly enough, he is buried in the yard of the house in which I currently reside. (who says you can’t go home)

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  3. I don’t miss the smell of those things (lol), but they are adorable! We always had hamsters and parakeets. My two favorite parakeets were Birdie and Girdie. I had those buggers for 10 years. The hamsters don’t live that long, but are so cute. I love the home you made for them!

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  4. Ha! You learned quickly – the only real way to get over loss of a pet is to get another one (or two). I trust those two are not boy/girl? ’cause if they are, your girls might get an education you’re not quite ready for them to have.

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