Project H – Ritu’s Way!

Thank you, Dr C, for inviting us to share our ‘homes’ with your Project H this month!

Now, when you say home, there are a few possibilities… could it be my virtual home, my blog, that you want to know about? Or is it where I actually live?

I shall share some aspects of both so the two main bases are covered!

I am originally from Birmingham, in the UK. A Brummie born and bred. But before that, my ancestry takes me back to Kenya, where my parents were both born, and beyond them, to the North of India, in the Punjab, where my ancestors came from.

So, a British Kenyan Indian!

But you don’t want to know that! I didn’t live in either of those places!

My home for the last 15 years has been in Gravesend, Kent. I live in the Garden of England. But it is a town, so there isn’t as much greenery as you’d expect. Travel ten minutes down the road, and the villages show you that ‘English Country Garden’ feel!

Still, Gravesend was not going to be beaten by being a town, so the local council introduced an initiative, called Gravesham in Bloom, and we have amazing flower displays created around the town, in boats, and tyres, of all things! There is also an urban knitters group who knit and decorate things, like lamp posts and trees!


Even the construction companies are in on the beautificating the area thing!


They decorate their hoarding with painted tyres and flower arrangements!


The Queen is also in residence at the moment! There was a school competition where schools were asked to create commemorative gardens within their schools to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday this year. The picture above shows my School’s ‘Queen’. And our garden actually won!

wp-1468777863961.jpg wp-1468778231244.jpg

These tyre sculptures are among a few that have popped up around the town too!

What else can I tell you about Gravesend? We have the real burial place of Pocahontas here too! Yes, she was real!


Pocahontas 1595 – March 1617

We also have one of the largest Sikh temples, Gurdwara, in Europe here, and this is a view of it from my house. We live a stone’s throw away!


And here is my garden… a haven in the summer!


There is so much more to say about Gravesend, but I’ll leave it there for now!

And as for the place I like to call my virtual home, my blog, But I Smile Anyway.

A mixture of creativity, poetry, fiction, and photography, coupled with my thoughts, and memories. It is an ecclectic mix for sure!

Pop over for a virtual cup of tea!


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