Project H (Kansas City)

Hello, my name is Angela and I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. I am someone who enjoys art in its various forms. I am someone who relishes in creating and combining words to make readers feel some kind of way. I am a person who gives support to anyone, especially those dabbling in the writing community. Sometimes we can get stagnant and need a little encouragement to keep penning ideas.

My blog contains poetry, some random musings, short stories and a portion of a novella that’s at its time of completion. I began blogging in 2010 though I wasn’t consistent. I ended up deleting all my posts and started over at least twice before pinning down what I really wanted to write about. One thing blogger’s should have is a clear direction where he or she wants to steer their platform. The following year, 2011 was still shaky but I found and set my focus and began posting even when no one was reading. Yes, I write for myself and that’s all well and good but deep down if I’m honest I want people to read my work. I do need a little reassurance every now and then my opinions are worth sharing. So, I’ve been blogging for a total of seven years but active for six.

My normal view while blogging is to keep it simple. I don’t know anyone who enjoys ultra complicated poetry. I want and need my words to be clear and concise. That is my end goal.

Kansas City is known for its barbecue and crime rate. However, what’s not reported is that we help each other out. For some reason it takes common folk to shine a light on that when the police or news outlets are only focused on the negative. About a year ago, there was a community garden planted right here in my neighborhood by black youth who belong to a church. The garden was free for anyone who wanted fresh produce. Now that isn’t something you’d find online. There’s a lot more good that is being done and it’s a shame that a spotlight isn’t put on these kinds of things.

I’m not sure what Kansas City means to me, but I have met some interesting people along the way. Where I live is predominantly black and lately there have been groups of people moving back into the inner city and that makes me proud. Missouri is one of the most racist states in the country, however, now that we are blending, this should help lower distrust and fear. What I can say about Kansas City natives, we are doing better lending a hand when it’s absolutely needed.

I’d like to call South Korea my home one day. It’s normal for me to dive into different cultures. We’ll never know how similar we are until we step out of our comfort zone and give people a chance.

Cultural History
This is the best way I can share my home with you all. We love our art. We also have Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art that I sometimes go hang out at.

The freedom of opinion means a lot to me, but so does the right to keep my mouth shut. Just because we have a right to do or say something doesn’t mean we should always express it. There is such a thing called responsibility when we injure someone with our words or actions. As a nation I can clearly see most of us take advantage of our freedoms in all the wrong ways. Not everyone will agree with our opinions but we should respect each other enough to not demean or discriminate views that don’t line up with our own.

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