Project H – IS Home Where The Heart Is?

Every one seems to write poetry, so that is kinda not novel really is it?
An Idiot, writing poetry, living in a home away from home, in her virtual home, with all her heart?
Old news – its quirky to call yourself an idiot and write ‘deep meaningful’ poems.

So what ? Who gives a toss – really?

Well damn – I paint too OK, and my name is Belinda. My writing name is Idiot, but my art name is and always has been – Belinda. That is how people have always identified me. Belinda, the little girl who likes drawing and colouring. Belinda, the chick who draws cool things. Belinda, that young woman who lives in her own world painting.

Belinda, the artist.
Belinda, the idiot, still pursuing her childhood dreams. 😉

I play guitar too, which is shockingly bad (but slowly improving) so that is fairly stereotypical too.

I hope to write a book sometime. Wow…
I am a mom too…bet you never saw THAT one coming?

So why pay me any time?

Cos I already said I write deep ‘n meaningful thought-provoking poetry, and create pleasant art?

I live in a shitty tiny town in Wales, UK…with nothing but cows and sheep, pheasants and bunnies, and rain.
It is pretty – admittedly. I may add a photo to this post considering it is about home.

But that is the thing… I am not sure where my home is.

I AM British. I was born and raised South African and have only been in the UK for 7 years.
I lived in many places in South Africa, Zimbabwe – and Britain.  I can only have a few pictures…

Pictures of home? I guess that is what my blog is really about – places I have called home shaped my worldview. That is in what I write and draw.

Plus sometimes – all home really is at times – is a face, an aroma, a memory. Something that passed in a moment. Where there is a connection to something, or someone, that spark formed becomes part of our story of home simply because it is a piece of our heart.

In our world today with so many pieces of our hearts all over the world with all these amazing connections we are able to make to each other –

WHERE exactly IS home?

‘Everything is opportunity’ is a post I wrote, what feels like, a gazillion years ago. The home referred to is no longer the place we live, but you will see lovely Britishy pictures and it really is a sweet read even if you are as cynical as I have become. In fact I am not even sure my sentiments meet with it any longer with so much change and so much shifted, but, I AM still attempting to move – very large mountains. Pretty much the same way I have always done. So perhaps…just maybe… everything IS opportunity – still.

Happiness is over rated, and fleeting at best. It is only there in moments. Treasure those when they occur and place them in your heart to embrace when you need them. There, is where home is.

African Elephant ~ Sil ~ By Belinda Borradaile

‘The Divide, Memories Of Home’ ~ By Belinda Borradaile

On a side note – cos I can, may, and so should – I do freelance work designing various covers, books included. Part time, in-between two day jobs (well a day and a night job)- as a form of relaxation so I won’t do it if your deadline is potentially dangerous to mine and your health and prosperity. 😉  Anyone interested may contact me via my blog to discuss possibilities. – slots are limited-

Thank you Jason for opening up your virtual home to us, to share our worlds and thoughts with your readers.



11 thoughts on “Project H – IS Home Where The Heart Is?

  1. I think you nailed it on the head for “home”, Belinda. It isn’t necessarily a physical place but a place in your heart.
    I think you should also change the name of “Idiot Writer” because you are no idiot. (It is none of my business to say that, I know). You are a Poetesses of the Deep.


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