Project H (Bangalore) – I have got that feeling

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” – Wendy Wunder

and that is exactly how I feel about my home(s) most of the time 🙂 I have a home in Bangalore (please tell me you have heard of this place. We do boast a lot that we are one of the most cosmopolitan city in India and everyone around the world knows this place) and one in my home town where my parents live with my siblings. Hence, homes. I belong to both these places. At least I feel so. And that is what it means to have a home isn’t?

It is not the size of the place, it is the comfort and the feeling that you get when you get there that matters. I have lived in a working women’s hostel for almost 8 years and during those times my cot and my cupboard was my home. I was happy there too. There was a short time when I didn’t have any and those times were dark. I got amply compensated for that. Now I have a bigger space for myself and can do what I want with it even though I hardly use the other two rooms, and yet I never felt lonely. This place where I live now gives me the sense of security and comfort. Security, because I am caged in. From all sides. The balcony and my front door is protected by iron grills (at least that is what we call it over here and aptly so). Why? Because my home or at least the one section of it was taken over by these birds (pigeons) and I have had them as my non-paying guests for three generations. And when the fourth generation kind of started to continue, I put my foot down and had those grills installed so that they would stop from further damaging my property.home4

I still see them on the walls of the neighbouring apartments giving me a stink eye but I just do 😛 and walk away. Feels so good, I tell you. And not to mention those cats who nearly took over my place trying to bully their way in, even though this particular cat still leaves its paw marks on my scooter (how do they know my parking lot, I fail to comprehend).

Sometimes when I look out those grilled enclosures to have a peek at the sun, I am kind of reminded of Shawshank Redemption, but that is OK. Given that it is one of my favorite films, I don’t think I mind that at all.home3

What I mind is that the apartment next to mine is built too close for my comfort. What was once an empty area is now an apartment and what is worse, the view from my guest bedroom and the hall is the bedroom of a flat in the apartment next to mine. Thankfully they do have curtains and I am not the peeking kind. And I thought that is more than enough, when one day I was cackling at some very funny video on my laptop and by chance I turned around doing that dance thing I do and found a pair of eyes watching me through my hall balcony. I forgot that they can peek in my hall and bedroom too. So now, the curtains are up and closed all the time.

Lets move away from my home and see a bit about the place where my home is. Bangalore. What can I say which you cannot find in Wikipedia? If I offer to drive you somewhere, you should say no and drive a rental car yourself. Much more safer. Although, I think I should qualify for Formula 1 races after driving here for more than 5 years now. If you are a very adventurous person, you should try a ride on my scooter (of course I will be driving that) or try an auto-rickshaw (the drivers are equally bad). Nothing like those two to kick up your adrenaline levels. Try them and let me know, if you survive that. When should you visit this place? During the 2nd half of the year, where the festivals are galore and the festivities are high. But be ready to be choked by traffic.home2

I have traveled quite a bit and I am planning to do so in the near future too and one thing I have found is that I have felt at home everywhere. It might be because the people I have met were good and friendly or it might be just that I am more adaptable than I thought I was, because I never traveled anywhere until the last 5-6 years, or may be it is the fact that I know I have a home to come back to, my safety net which is ready for me, that I am comfortable in every other place. I am fortunate to have a place I can call home, I am lucky to be welcome in my parent’s and sibling’s home and be a part of theirs, and also gifted to have only good (and may be sometimes funny) experiences in places I have been and to have felt at home. Home is where your heart is? It sure is.

Title courtesy: Justin Timberlake.

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37 thoughts on “Project H (Bangalore) – I have got that feeling

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  3. Home is where the heart is – AGREED! I didn’t know you were from Bangalore (or do you just have a home here?) I’m in Bangalore this very minute and have lived here for the past few years, though I will be shifting some place else very soon 🙂

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  5. I know where Bangalore is. My husband had a friend who lived there. I think he has passed on now.
    KG, we too found that people were kind, helpful and friendly where ever we went. It gives you a feeling that it really is a wonderful world, in spite of all the terrible things that seem to be happening. Good will prevail.

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