Project H – Home is a Relative Term

We have been military now for 20 years.  So ‘Home’ to me is a relative term.  Right now home is Maryland.  For OMs Project H, I want to share my home with you.

Moving back to the East coast, mainly Maryland, after having lived in the mountains of Colorado, the one thing I wanted to do most of all was head to the beach.  However we moved to Maryland in the midst of a blizzard… around Christmastime.  The beach would have to wait.  However, the second it showed the smallest inkling of warming up, I headed straight for the beach.


Sunrise, Ocean City, MD, USA

The best part about living in Maryland has to be the beauty of it all.  It definitely isn’t the traffic.  Off the beaten path are some awesome gardens, parks, and conservatories.  Places that I frequent… well, frequently.  Mostly because of how peaceful they are in comparison to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  These are the places where I have taken some of my favorite photos to date.  Places like:

Just 40 minutes south of me is one of the most historically relevant cities in America:  Washington, DC.

No matter where we go, no matter where we end up, I always find beauty.  This beauty helps me to feel right at home.


No matter where I am.


The View from my balcony.

I hope you enjoyed my view of home.


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