Project H: Hello from Sweden :)

Hi everyone!
I followed Jasons prompts for project H, so here it goes

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Anna from Sweden πŸ™‚

What is your blog and when did you begin blogging?

My blog began a couple of years ago as a showroom for my art. Then after about two years I realized what blogging is really about. I found HarshReaLiTy and read the posts learning a lot about “wrong” blogging and still do, thanks to Jason.

What is your normal view while blogging? Care to share it with us?

An empty wall, a wall with art or a window with great nature views.

Share some facts about your home, town, or city that we can’t find online or on Wikipedia.

I live in the little town Trosa, south of Stockholm, with the nick name “the end of the world”. Most people who live here is so nice and friendly. We do things our own way and we try to help out where we can. But our municipal grows a little too much and a little bit too fast right now. We’re almost about to loose the little-cute-town-atmosphere and our beautiful nature. I hope it stays even if we get bigger. People who visit the town like the littleness and the kindness, so it is important that we keep up our friendly spirit. Couple of years ago the Dylan character actor from 90210 visited our town for a film. He called Trosa “Super Sweden”.

What does your home mean to you?

The small scale of the town, nature almost right outside the door and friendly people around me.

Name one other place you would like to call home one day.

Heaven? But maybe that’s a boring place πŸ™‚

What is the best way to share your β€œhome” with us through a blog post? Show us!

My home will always be art. This Summer I discovered a new place near my town. It’s been there for twenty years, but I discovered it now. I’m a bit slow πŸ™‚
It’s a little minifarm with a cafe that’s also an exhibition place for art. In July my art with pictures from Trosa hanging there. The place is called Solberga which in English would be Sunny hill. A very nice place for a cup of coffee and a chat with the locals πŸ™‚

Paintings of Trosa

One little creature who likes my painting πŸ˜‰

Throwback Prompt: What does the freedom of opinion mean to you and is your view shared by most people from your nation?

That means everything. They say most people in my country think so, but we do not always act like we do. We are crappy in debating issues. People don’t always have the courage to either share an opionion or state a different opinion. We are the country that thinks everything is possible to agree on, it just take time to get everyone there.
It’s kind of boring when the “opionion police” decides what the proper opionion is and then shut the debate down and everyone with a different opionion is called idiots. You never learn all the angles in a question with that technique. You never get to see through false arguments and discover them in time. We seems to think that people with different opionions are forever enemies. I don’t agree with all my friends opionions, but I don’t dislike them. I think it’s interesting to hear their views.

I think we all can learn from each other by listening and try our arguments constantly. That is only possible with freedom of opinion.

This project H is a brilliant idea.
Thanks for showing the corners of our world this way Jason.

If you have questions about Sweden and my little town, ask them!



23 thoughts on “Project H: Hello from Sweden :)

    • You’re right. We actually have a lot of people coming here from different corners of our world. They have heard of Sweden as a great country. But when they come here nowadays, we don’t let them in. Swedes often brag about the country, but we seems to want to keep the possibility to live here by ourselves. We are not always making sense. So you have a good point.

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      • My tongue in cheek comment resonates with many countries today. The vast movement of people wanting better, safer lives cannot be more clear. Sharing and caring is good, we teach children to share their toys and their thoughts but we expect them to know when enough is enough. πŸ˜‡ We maybe boasted too much, dangled the carrot, were not humble enough. Now we wonder why the movement still continues across the world. Happy Friday Anna.πŸ˜‡

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