Blogger A & Blogger B

Often I get to witness the difference between Blogger A and Blogger B. They are so different because their outlooks on social media are different. Let’s examine these two bloggers and find out why they are so different!

Recently I pushed the Meet and Greet post again for new bloggers to find some new connections. I always get some amusement out of observing how people use this resource. You can definitely see a difference in outlook and blogging format on this thread. The Meet and Greet is my gift back to my readers and to WordPress as a whole.

I watched Blogger A get excited about the Meet and Greet thread. To Blogger A this was an awesome post and an opportunity for thousands of readers to find him. Blogger A immediately used the board by dropping his link and asking for people to come and visit! He then went back to watching ice melt and waited to go viral. He is still waiting for that to happen.

Blogger B saw the post for what it truly is. A forum and an opportunity to “call upon bloggers” and meet them. That is the MEET and greet part of the whole thing. Blogger B also placed her blog link into the post, but she didn’t stop there. She scrolled through the comments and found likeminded bloggers that may have wanted to connect back with her. Then she spent hours networking and gaining new subscribers all from doing one thing – caring to reach out first. She didn’t link drop and wait. She went out and got what she wanted.

If you have read this blog before and know me… you know I am here to support the grinders. I am here to help those trying to help themselves first. I have sympathy, but I have little time to be sympathetic for those that just want pity. I respect action and those that go out and get it because that is all any of us are really doing. Connecting, blogging, networking, growing, and getting what we want each day through the grind. That is blogging to me.

So which are you? Are you Blogger A or B?

Note: Check out the Meet and Greet here!




55 thoughts on “Blogger A & Blogger B

  1. I might be a B-minus. Because I found this post from one of the comments when I visited her blog. But I’m not a fanatic…or maybe I’m shy…about greeting. But thanks for the intel and info!!

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  3. Quite so. More than a blogging phenomenon, Blogger Type A could also be a good subject for some psychological profiling, and we may even come to the conclusion that their attitude to blogging reflects their attitude to life in general, making them at least partly responsible for some of the woes society is facing today.

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  4. Thanks for this great post Jason and thanks to you I am Blogger B!!! 😉 When I was new to the blogosphere sometime I came across your Blog and it was such a discovery! I didn’t just came to drop my link into your Meet and Greet, I found that was something amazing and caring from you to do that offering space on your Blog for the little ones…I truly appreciate that, but you are also the one that inspired me to start my own weekly Meet and Greet…it was during the time that you were away for awhile I knew then that something was missed here and I started my meet and greet. This is my second year and this year I am already at week #31 of my Meet and Greet Fridays…I wanted to give back and inspire others and help new ones to get discovered. My Blog did grow since then. Through you in my beginning I shared my art and made great connections and many turned in awesome friendships! So thank you my dear friend Jason ❤ 😉 Carolina

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  5. I’m the third choice.. the blogger who doesn’t have a clue!! I swear I’m the worst blogger out there, I know nothing about SEO, cannot seem to pick the right key words.. on and on… at least my networking is good. I also share other bloggers on my facebook page. I mean I don’t have a huge following but I like to share the love as well 😉

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  6. Good point, Jason. I don’t often do Meet and Greets because I have trouble keeping up with the blogs I follow now. It is part of the reason I never really did those blog awards. ☺ I feel the same way about comments that go unanswered, or even unacknowledged. It doesn’t take that long to keep the kind of followers you want to engage.

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  7. On THIS post we are totally aligned! I can’t understand the mindset of the people who practically beg for follows and likes and comments but don’t take the time to extend the same to others. Not only is it rather rude, in my opinion – like never extending a return invite to people whose parties you’ve attended – they are missing what I believe are the best part of blogging: widening one’s horizons and making like-minded connections. We’re ALL busy, so our external comments may be sporadic, but bloggers I never see commenting on other sites at all as I troll the web I don’t WANT to see.

    I have met some amazing bloggers by jumping to their blogs from their own comments or when they “like” one of mine, or after wondering about them when I repeatedly see their gravatar images among the blog posts I “like” myself, jumping over to see what else we might have in common. Many check me out as well; some stick around, some don’t, but that’s not my point – I want to connect to people who connect to people. I read enough online journals that simply post information already!

    I stop commenting on blogs that don’t engage with those who comment – or who never comment anywhere but on their own turf. (I don’t consider a slew of “Thanks for your comment” engaging, btw) I also stop “liking” posts (or linking to them) when their authors don’t do the same for others. I’m not interested in supporting or connecting with the “all about my own stats and marketing” bloggers. They’re just not my kind of people.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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      • It does take a great deal of time – that surprised me as well when I began. After researching CSS, I was also not prepared for how much html coding I would have to do on the .com platform and how much time formatting would take – and finding links to related content on other blogs, and images that could be pinned.

        It’s also time consuming to visit your blog-buddies (tho’ I don’t think of that as work) 🙂 I wish I had MORE time to spend reading all the content that interests me.

        I understand those folks who don’t want to do the work, or really can’t spare the time — bloggers who simply want to journal their thoughts and feelings, perfectly content to wait for people to find them. But I just can’t understand when they don’t even take the time to connect with those who find them.

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  8. Neither. Lol. I visit tags and blogs and people who visit me. I write and put it out there and let people criticise or talk about it. I hope that people like my stuff and I love finding new bloggers to read.

    But I don’t know shit anyhow. 😊

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