A Little Bit About Politics

Everyone wants to talk about the election so I’ll give a few current thoughts. I am so sick of hearing people say how “brilliant” of a businessman Trump is. I originally heard he started his business off a million dollar loan from his father, but now I am hearing that number is much larger. Guys that isn’t brilliant in the real-estate industry. Brilliant to me are the people making millions of dollars when they started with two pennies and rubbed them together. Brilliant are the hustlers, the grinders, and the gamblers who gamble on their own aggressive ambition. There is nothing genius about making millions off millions that you already have. The rich getting richer is old as sin and nothing new. Trump may not have been a politician, but like politicians he is another form of the problem.

I would honestly be embarrassed if I were you Hillary Clinton. Here you stand with so much backing, support of everyone to the President, and you still can’t put this dirt bag away. Even worse people call into question your character while you stand by an openly racist man. Your image is horrible, your stances are… wait you keep changing them, and no one trusts you. They would rather trust an openly racist man who acts like a spoiled child and the brat everyone hates. You really should be embarrassed that you are even having to “run” in this election. Honesty counts for so much these days and it is almost amusing to see honesty stacked up against bigotry in a sense of value.

I am still a Republican. I hear and see all the jabs from Democrats on my readers taking the opportunity to try and somehow attach Trump to the standard of the Republican party. The problem with that is Trump isn’t a real Republican and one man or woman doesn’t represent a whole party. That is kind of why they call it a “party,” and not simply an individual… I hate I have to even point that out.

Trump may represent all the bad qualities of a possible fictitious Republican, but if that is so Hillary represents all the bad qualities of a fictitious Democrat as well. Someone that wants big government only when it serves their purpose and changes their views according to the mainstream feeling of the time. That, in case you were curious, is how most Republicans see a Democrat these days. And that is just a few of the qualities we notice from your party that we disagree with.

It is safe to say I am over politics for this year and the following four, but expect a major rant after the election is done. I hate both of these candidates and I used the word “hate” purposefully. I truly hate seeing them, their faces, their Ads, their politics, their views, or hearing about their lives. I hate knowing these two might run our country and that all the things we desperately need fixed RIGHT NOW probably will be lost in the noise of politics over trivial matters or matters that don’t affect me or my family. I hate that there is a “Trump” right now running in almost every country around the world. The fact that many people don’t know that shows how much our media controls us and doesn’t want us to remember something we shouldn’t ever forget. History. History teaches us what happens when leaders such as Trump, and maybe even Hillary as well, come into power. History tells us a World War is around the corner and most of the intelligent people recognize this fact and that it has already started. It makes us sad to know ignorant twits run this country and are so busy running it into the ground they can’t pick up a history book and recognize they are making the same mistakes again and again. God save this country.

-Opinionated Man


Jason Chandler Cushman


28 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Politics

  1. The USA has become a de facto oligarchy. Every politician on the national stage is to some degree owned and controlled by the so called establishment. Donald Trump is the only wild card in the bunch. This is not an endorsement, just a statement of fact. They fear him because they don’t know what he will do. As a Republican voter I fear him for the same reason. Entropy does not apply only to physics, in a metaphoric sense it also relates to societies. This democratic republic social experiment, which began in 1776, and which we now call home is inevitably following the same path as the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire. As a citizen it is always more pleasant to be alive at the apogee than at the perigee. Unfortunately we didn’t have a say in that matter. So sit back, pop the top on a cool one and enjoy the slide. Remember, the highest self sustainable level of human society, the one most preferred by Mother Nature, is the Stone Age.

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  2. Well to be completely honest, I am sick to death of having to choose between the lesser of two evils. In the case of Trump and Clinton, there is not much in it. Therefore, I am voting for who I think is the best candidate, Jill Stein of the Green Party. Now to head off the obvious rebuff, I am not wasting my vote. I am simply voting for who I think is the best candidate. The odds of her winning don’t come into it and shouldn’t be a factor in deciding whom to vote for. Furthermore, I think it’s absolutely disgusting that Trump, Clinton nor those who run the debates won’t let Jill nor Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson participate. Call me idealist but democracy is about letting everyone having their say and then making the informed choice. Keeping Stein and Johnson out of the debate flies in the face of that. Of course, maybe Trump and Clinton are afraid that people might like what the other two have to say and are sh*t scared.

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  3. As a Canadian watching along the sidelines, I would have to agree 100% with what you have said here. I honestly don’t know what is going to be the outcome. I have heard there are many who say they will not vote at all. That is truly sad, although I feel for you guys. I hope those who are undecided or feel like their vote doesn’t count gets out there on election day. It would be horrible if Trump one because of low voter turn out or a split vote. We were rooting for Bernie here 🙂

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  4. I am not part of the “everybody” who wants to talk about the election – at least not online, but your post hooked me. Some of your points strike a chord, but we must agree to disagree on party affiliation, even using that term loosely.

    Both parties have lost their way, but the Republican party has wandered so far afield I doubt they will be able to find their way back from their adolescent walk outs. Besides, that party no longer has anything whatsoever to offer to women like me, who despise corporate capitalism, want lives beyond cement ceilings and care more about their kids than their husbands’ bottom line.

    It is shameful that so many Americans feel they now must vote AGAINST because they fear there is nobody to vote FOR – and that so few won’t even show up at the polls to vote at all.

    God save this country indeed!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  5. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s a lose lose situation no matter who wins. I have no doubt that World War III is coming and this one will be far worse than the last two. Time to buy an uninhabited island!


  6. I find it interesting that both parties are to blame for their candidates, but only the republicans are aware of it.

    The republicans are to blame for Trump because they let 12+ candidates run in the primaries, when most didn’t have an honest man’s chance in Washington to win. They hung in there, pulling votes away from viable candidates, and letting Trump win when no one in the party really wants him.

    The Dems hold more blame for Hillary because they DO want her (at least the upper echelon of the party). After the Obama fiasco of 2008 (the uppers didn’t want him) they created this Super Delegate process to assure she would win in 2016…Bernie had no real chance.

    Now the nation is left with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

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  7. Donald Trump is a political grudge f@ck for the republicans selling out their base time after time. Until the Republicans can go and actually do what they were elected to do they are no different from the other party.

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