When you focus on your Dreams~Anything is Possible.

What a touching post and a great poem! I didn’t get to watch much of it, but I caught a glimpse here and there. Amazing athletes full of spirit and heart! -OM
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How can I put into words just how you’ve made me feel?

That you brought into prospective my life and all that’s real

You’ve shown me with your courage, your stamina and true grit

With a will as strong as iron that you are not prepared to quit


Despite the odds against you and the challenges you’ve faced

When you focus on your dreams, we each can win our race

We who cheer you on, see only the final score

We see not the tears and pain your story held before


You’ve trained so hard, achieved so much, obstacles you’ve overcome

Each of you are winners even if medals were not won

I’m humbled by your wit, your charisma and your charm

You’ve shown me and abled bodied, just how disabled it is WE are.


 The above poem I wrote last evening after watching the closing ceremony…

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