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Often bloggers will say to me “how do I connect with other bloggers?” It is as simple as one and one make two to me, but I also think their question isn’t necessarily honest. What most bloggers are really asking is “how do I grow my blog quickly and with the minimal amount of work? How do I get my blog as large as yours… now?”

My answer is really simple and that is I don’t know how. I have no idea how to make your blog go viral or how to get massive amounts of bloggers to come find you without effort. There is always effort and I make it each day. I work for each new subscriber and each new view, and that is how you grow your blog. If you are looking for shortcuts ask someone else. I have none, at least not the type these bloggers are asking for.

How do you meet anyone in life? Initiative, motivation, time, and also timing are all factors in networking online and on WordPress. Motivation has to encompass a willingness to commit to the growth of your website and cannot be anchored to a need to go viral. If it is you will always seek shortcuts that will often fail and in turn waste your time on going viral instead of just focusing on steady growth. Again, I have no clue how to go “viral” because I’ve never been viral. It sounds nice though.

Time is the factor that kills everyone and I am a victim of time constraints just like anyone else. I find it amusing when I get emails or requests to “send my followers to someone” like they are a toy or a boxable gift. Gary won’t fit in a box… I tried.  If you don’t have the time to blog you don’t have the time to grow a blog either. That seems like common sense, but perhaps it isn’t so common after all. Invested bloggers commit and also sacrifice time to create the things we want. And I do mean sacrifice! There have been countless times I’ve given up personal time to do something on my website and that is a true sacrifice that any networker and blogger understands. The people that don’t understand that are probably the same people asking me to “send them all my followers.” They’ll get a clue one day.

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75 thoughts on “Online Connections & Networking

  1. Well said, and well written. Can’t agree more with you and I can’t understand the ‘going viral’ concept. I would rather like people to visit my blog and enjoy my writing and maybe get inspired. But, thanks for sharing a beautiful thought. 🙂

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  2. This indeed is the ‘harsh reality’ about organically growing an online audience. Something’s gotta give. Time, money, patience are just few things to be parted with in exchange for online success. Summarily put, you reap what you sow.

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  4. Well said OM. You have to blog because you love it. You should have a business plan in mind to grow your business, but be ready for the ups and downs that comes from it like any other business. Unless of course you blog for fun, which is cool too.

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  5. If you care about gaining a following you aren’t in it for the right reasons. We create dialogue to hear each others perspectives, and enjoy the information shared, along with some banter at times. There’s absolutely no reason to start something solely for it go viral. A blog is meant to give others motivation and inspiration to do better, become great, and show the world how special they are. There’s no time for focusing on something as trite as gaining numbers. Most people who have a large following on their blogs have paid for it, which is the weak mans road. I love the fact that you have made the sacrifice, and harnessed the initiative towards really putting the work in to connect with people. Keep on doing you, OM.

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  6. I won’t ask because I like doing the work myself. I suspect those that have asked have given the ones that don’t a gift. You write a post like this, and we gain a little more wisdom from a seasoned blogger. You cut to the chase, and in a no “beating around the bush” way tell us what we as newer bloggers need to read. Much appreciated!!!

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  7. I would miss it if I would not connect with all those amazing people out there. I have made friendships through blogging. Although I don’t know those people I do consider them friends, friends who connected via comments and posts written. I love to connect with people. I often wonder why people keep away from it. It’s not just about the post you put out there. It’s about the feedback you get. And you can only get feedback if you connect with people.

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  8. Reblogged this on Focus and re-focus and commented:

    Absolutely agree. Either do not worry about followers or put the time into it. Personally I like less pressure so I think I have figured out a balance of writing as therapy and to interact. I will leave the power blogging to the professional blogger. Good focus.

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  9. I’m always impressed by the effort you give to answer everyone’s comments. With as many as you must get in a day, it must take a good chunk of time. I for one appreciate it a lot though.
    P.s. They sell Gary sized boxes at Home Depot. 🙃

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