The Quest for a Million Followers

I have people occasionally ask me about gaining more followers for some reason and I feel people are missing the point. The point is I don’t have a million followers yet, but I am pretty sure I know a few people that do. There is Gary of course because Gary tends to beat me at everything. You have Jim who has seen galaxies and anyone that has seen galaxies must have a million friends or they are the most unfriendly person ever. Dammit! Are you that unfriendly Jim? Is that why you don’t have a million followers?

Then you have Danny who I think secretly pole dances virtually on the side. We know what you are doing Danny even when you aren’t blogging due to “work.” Work… right… Of course there is Trudy who lives in New York and that instantly makes you popular. Trudy just pretends to need our social outlet to take a break from the high flying life of New York City!

A million followers is nothing to Linda who is notorious for running online bars into the virtual ground. Take with her awesome prompts that she offers on her blog, the bad bartending Linda can afford to lose a few virtually drunk customers out of her millions. Belinda probably has a million followers just from being so dang nice. Stop being so nice Belinda! She is like Tessa and Leslie. Nice people just attract new followers I guess. I should try to be nice like all of them and I’d probably have a trillion subscribers by now!

I’d be highly surprised if Janice and thumbup don’t have a million followers each. They are like Deon and get around! Great networkers and they never sleep! They are like luckyotter and Annette, obviousy not human and they don’t sleep!

If you are looking for another blogger that probably has a million followers check out cordeliasmom2012 who also goes by notcordeliasmom which means she could also be maybecordeliasmom as well and so on…? You also have The Modern Theologian who writes on religion and probably has a religion. That instantly makes you popular. Those are the people you should be asking about getting to a million followers. I have about eight. And that includes Gary

If anyone finds out the trick let me know ok?






64 thoughts on “The Quest for a Million Followers

  1. Have you thought about maybe introducing some humour to your posts. The subject matter of my site is too serious for me to try that route so I will continue to write for myself. But for you perhaps something a little amusing, perhaps speaking directly to your readers. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

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  2. I won’t ever have a million … working my way to 300, and happy to be where I am. But I would be happy with 50 if they just actually read my blog! Followers catch one post, follow, and then never come back. 😥 Was it something I said?

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  3. The secret must be a photograph capturing you relaxin on a yacht absorbing the serene ocean line, whilst sipping champagne out of a bottle. In fact, I’m quite sure this will guarantee one million followers.

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  4. I am soooo glad Linda from the Cabbage Patch sent me to your blog! You’re just too cool 🙂 I love your Blog… Would you like to be my flogger??

    I wish you your million followers soon, I might be at 200 by then 😛

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  5. lol. Thanks for the mention, Jason. The only one of us who has a million followers is, in fact, Maybe Cordelia’s Mom, but it’s a very exclusive [million-plus] club which is why the rest of you don’t know about her. Although I think Wannabe Cordelia’s Mom might be moving right on up there, too.

    Me and Not CM? Not so much, but lord knows we’re trying.

    You made me laugh tonight and for that you get hugs.

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