39 thoughts on “Nothing Written

  1. Some bloggers do, but writing is something I’d do for free. It’s therapeutic, and it keeps me humbled and grounded. Life sometimes doesn’t give us time to write, but when we return there’s more passion to be shared. I’m looking forward to reading about your triumphant return. My best wishes on the progress of your book.

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      • Once you start getting paid to do something you like you begin to hate doing it. When I was young(er) I toyed with the idea of becoming a professional woodworker, so I started asking those near me who were doing it. Quite a few told me that they started out as a hobbiest then went pro. Now they hate doing it because their livelihood is dependent upon turning out x pieces a month. Before they could just take jobs that interested them or, as some, make pieced they wanted to make, then try to sell.


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