A WordPress Story

In a virtual land not far from the land we are talking about there lived three dragons named Linda, Deon, and Jim. There were three other dragons, but the writer couldn’t handle that many characters so we cut Gary, Brenda, and Kunal from the first draft. Sorry… maybe next time guys…

Now because these three were dragons they did not get along and we don’t have time to tell about all the stories of when Linda accidently sneezed fire on all of Jenny‘s sheep or how Deon kept stepping on Tessa‘s bunnies. Honestly these dragons weren’t the nicest creatures out there. But dragons rarely are the types you want to cuddle with and they are known to steal your scotch. All of that is for another story next time on A WordPress Story…



(Obviously this is all in good fun. Good night bloggers! :))


30 thoughts on “A WordPress Story

  1. Hey I’m just here to ask how this thing works. If I comment of someone’s post will I get a notification that I received a reply? And how long does it take for a comment to pop up because I commented on a post and have no idea what happened to my comment. I’m so confused. Halp Meh Pleaze

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