Daily Blog Tip

I have two blog tips for today and one of them is due to how annoying it is when people forget to do this. When you set a static page you must do two things! Either place a HOME button in your menu or place a widget with recent posts on the side bar. The reason this is important is because static pages and broken menus make it impossible for us to find your most recent posts! Instead we find ourselves caught in a never ending loop of reading your static posts or old articles we have already seen. Nothing, nothing is more frustrating on a blog than not finding a HOME button or some way of finding your most recent thoughts. If you can’t easily navigate through your own website guess what? NO ONE ELSE CAN EITHER!!! THINK ABOUT IT!

I don’t know what idiot is still spreading the advice to use ONLY unique tags, but anyone listening to that nonsense deserves the sounds of crickets they receive back. Stop listening to blog tips from bloggers that can’t prove they know what the hell they are talking about! Generic tags serve a purpose. Guess what that purpose is? They are called “generic tags” for a reason because EVERYONE is using them and because everyone is using them your post will have great company! Yes your post might get drowned in the sea of posts out there, but that is far better than it never having a fighting chance of being seen to begin with. No one is going to search for your tag “Gary Loves Pink Bunnies!” Stop using crazy tags, unless of course you are anchoring your site to solidify tags to your name. That is a whole different story.

If you are still listening to an “SEO Expert” please feel free to slap yourself at this time.

One last tip. So many people ask how to create the different pages and group your posts under that link in the menu. It isn’t a page guys and girls. You are basically creating a “link” for a category in your menu and that link serves as an “alternate page” at that point. It isn’t a physical page you created, it is made by default. The only way to have multiple pages/blogs under a parent blog is to get your own platform. WordPress.com doesn’t support that function for free.




22 thoughts on “Daily Blog Tip

  1. You know, I’ve been thinking of making changes to my blog lately, and a static page was one of those things that crossed my mind, but then I realized I’d probably get annoyed with it really quick and gave up.

    Better to just let people come in and get immediately smacked in the face by my weirdness anyway. That’s how I properly separate the weaklings from my criminally insane target audience. 😛

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