My Daily Rant

“You know those things could kill you!”

I am an occasional smoker of cigarettes. I am 35 years old and don’t need anyone’s advice on my life decisions at this point. It is always amusing to me when people take my young looks and assume I am a younger age. They then take that assumption and run with it, throwing unsolicited advice in my direction. A number of times someone has seen me smoking and has said “you know those things could kill you right?” Here is why I find this annoying.

Do I follow you around all day and let you know the things that might kill you?

Hey… you know texting and driving could kill you right?

Hey dude, did you know dating younger women can kill you?

You do realize all that fat you just ate is going to kill you right?

I can’t believe you eat food you can’t even pronounce. You know those things could kill you right?

Stop running every day. That shit can kill you.

See? I can play that game too. Just let me know when you want ME to follow YOU around all day and list the things that might kill you.

What? You like to play that game right? Don’t like it when people play it right back? Tough.



45 thoughts on “My Daily Rant

  1. I find it kinda amusing when I’m out and about with my now 11 year old boy (who is almost bigger than me!) and I get disapproving looks. I know I look young (like I had him when I was 12,) but I’m 40 years old and had him when I was 30.


  2. Lol. Driving and texting is really bad though, no joke. Everyone seems to do it here where I live (moved here 4 years ago). I have seen multiple times cops driving while texting. Not cool. Great rant

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  3. Back when I could still work, I used to go outside for a cigarette break. Unfortunately, the designated spot was near a doctor’s office and I got lectures at least a couple times a week. One day, the final straw walked out of the office and said “You know…those things will kill you”. I hesitated for a moment, placed a look of shock and horror on my face, stubbed out my smoke and proceeded to “thank” him up one side and down the other. “I had no idea” “Thank you for saving my life” “Oh WHY don’t they publicize that information!” and walked away. I’m fairly certain he’s sorry he ever opened his mouth.

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  4. Hey Dude, you bring out the hidden mother in me. Sure ciggies can kill you and yours can kill me but who wants to live to be old….too late already done that….Life causes Death; just don’t smoke around me cuz I’m working on death and asthma as it is. No not from smoking…well the occasional dubie or a cigar now and then but not REAL smoking. Love your mommy dearest ~~dru~~

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  5. posts aren’t directed at anybody if anyone reads anything i post..and assume taking everything out of stupid… its like i don’t know you don’t know me….if i have anything to say i wil directed towards you im not a coward on the iinternet that has to indirectly say something..if you got a problem its your problem..i didnt ask for the follow on hear for ignorance..have a great day

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  7. I played this out in my head last night. Same occasional cigarette. And the guy eating a bacon burger walks out. In my head I told him his fat consumption was going to kill him. Outloud I said I don’t eat meat smugly.

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  8. I’d rather live life to the fullest and check out in my 50s then live a life full of regrets and missed opportunities but yet stick around until my 90s.

    Some things to think about: When people tell you “smoking takes years off your life” then you can respond one of two ways. Response #1: Yes but all those years are at the end and I didn’t want them anyways. Response #2: I am insuring that I miss my Depends years.

    Not gonna lie though, it is a nice concept of dying quietly in my sleep……………unlike the three people in the car with me that are screaming their heads off in fear.


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  9. OMG Jason. Let’s go over this again. It’s not that dating younger women will kill you; it’s when their husbands find out that you’re dating them and then their husbands hafta kill ya.

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