Another HarsH ReaLiTy Meeting

Angry: How in the hell did we end up back on WordPress? Who in the fuck is making the decisions around here?

Jason:  I am still over here dude…. and still making the decisions for us. Why are you so angry?

Angry: You have a short memory fearless leader. Don’t you remember the last time we were here? I still smell the fire from the burning torches.

Annoyed: Does this mean we will have random bloggers attacking us again? Why didn’t we pick a friendlier platform this time?

Terror: I agree. We really should have picked a new website. The last time we were here things got ugly… and some of these bloggers look mean.

Jason: Guys… girls… settle down. It is only WordPress. How bad could it be? This is nothing compared to when we trolled the CNN boards back in the day.

Angry: Yea but those boards deserve to be trolled. And then they banned us! Those fuckers!

Jason: Jesus Angry, that was over nine years ago! Calm the hell down dude!

Angry: You try not getting in the last word for 9 years and not getting angry…

Jason: I feel that way daily with all of you lovely voices in my head actually.

Peaceful: Brothers! Please! Let’s not fight again! I brought my guitar… we should sing!

Annoyed: You and that fucking guitar man. It is all dudes here! Give it a rest! You aren’t impressing anyone!

Drunk: Does this mean we get to drink and write again? Considering we only have one site now and life is so bleeding boring! I started drinking already…

Jason: We can’t drink beer anymore due to our new gluten free diet…

Angry: Gluten free! That pisses me off! I love Gluten!

Jason: I think everything pisses you off man. These meetings are fucking pointless…

(The rest of what was discussed was not important enough to record.)

[End Transmission]

-Opinionated Man



29 thoughts on “Another HarsH ReaLiTy Meeting

  1. hey, some of us can’t drink beer! I never knew (until recently) why even a few sips of beer made me feel awful as a teen and in early twenties, so quit drinking it. The GF trend so popular now helped me realize why, my body was trying to tell me something LOL

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  2. What I hate most about WP are their stupid apps, they don’t play together well. At work I read messages on my iPad, when I’m out I read them on my iPhone, and at home I read them on my Mac. They don’t communicate what has been read. Right now I have 7 unread messages on my Mac, 4 from “Over 2 days ago”. How difficult is it to get them to recognize that a message (kept on their site) has already been read?

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