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Would you ever meet a blog friend or someone from WordPress in person? Would it be awkward? How about these gatherings of bloggers in some cities. Ever been? I haven’t ever met another person from WordPress in real life. Sounds scary.


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  1. The one or two people that I connect with here at Word Press that I’ve been face to face with were already my friends….so in reality; no I have not met in person anyone I’ve connected with on WP. I would do so but probably not attend a large meeting. I’d meet with individuals but in public places at the beginning at least. That is the way I did it when I connected with a seller or buyer on eBay and that is how I’d do it here, if a chance came up. ~~dru~~


  2. I have thought about a few bloggers, I would like to meet. I find myself saying no more than yes. The reason being is for once in my life, I would like to keep things where they are. I have created my own thoughts by reading who everyone is. I think I’ll pass, and leave everyone where they’re in my mind.

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  3. I think it would be cool to meet a fellow blogger over a cup of coffee. I’ve know of several bloggers that have done so and they report their experiences went rather well and know their besties. So, any bloggers in the Denver want to meet over a cup of coffee?

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  4. I think meeting these other people would be interesting, but embarrassing and awkward at the same time. I share on my blog things and thoughts that are a bit more than what I would normally share on my facebook. The people who read my blog know a lot about me that those that follow my social media don’t see… So, I guess it just depends on what type of blogger you are.

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  5. A lot of the people I have met on WP aren’t very extrovert (breathes sigh of relief) but those who are, yes of those I know, many have met up and asked me to. So far I have demurred not out of fear but just not really being very extroverted, but I’m sure in time I will meet a few of them because they have become ‘real’ friends which is weird actually. Equally like Michael says, I might meet someone in real life whom I knew on WP since I do read quite a lot on WP. That would be neat. I wouldn’t meet a man alone, but I’d meet a group or a woman alone because why not?

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  6. This a very good question, and I would be curious in a sense to do it. There is probably a good chance that I have ran across a few Word Press users and blog friends, but never recognized it. I would be curious to meet a person to see if the words he or she speaks on his or her blog matches who they are in life. I can only hope that the blog and blogger are in sync with each other and not out to deceive us.

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  7. Yes, I would. If it were someone I related to and thought we had something in common…of course there is always the risk of disappointment. I would not be romantically interested in meeting anyone, though I hear this is quite the vortex of virtual romance. “)

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  8. Well fellow bloggers, if any of you ever come to Durban in South Africa, be sure to get in touch. We read all the stories from all the different bloggers and we tend to form an impression of them in our minds. Would be fascinating meeting someone to see if you have been right all along.

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  9. I don’t know if I would be interested in going to a gathering of random bloggers however I would be more than willing to meet specific bloggers that I have developed a connection to.

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  10. I have met other bloggers in real life. The first one, Archon, scared the hell out of me before the day came. I had never met another blogger, only knew Archon from his blog, and was leery of whether the Archon I thought I knew would be the same person who showed up. Maybe he wasn’t really a blogger coming down from Canada to meet me – maybe he’d be a serial killer who stalks his prey on the internet! But he turned out to be exactly who I thought he was, showed up with his Mrs., and we all had a very nice lunch. We met again a year later – this time it was Archon and his son, and my husband and me, for a really great dinner.

    Next I met our wonderful photographer friend, Amy Rose of the blog “Petals Unfolding”. That also was a little awkward at first, but at least I was pretty sure Amy wouldn’t turn out to be a serial killer. She lives in my area, and I think I would have already heard if she was a criminal! It was another great lunch, and Amy and I have become blogging friends.

    And the best blogger visit so far was when two of my daughters and I drove to Pittsburgh earlier this year to meet Anne Belov (a/k/a Bob T. Panda), the very, very talented artist from Seattle. Anne is exactly what you expect from her blogs (“The Panda Chronicles” and “Nothing Overlooked”). It was definitely a girls’ night out, and I hope to be able to do it again sometime soon. Heck, if I was able to, I’d move to Seattle to be closer to Anne – she’s just that much fun to be around!

    So, in answer to your question, yes I have and yes I would do it again. If you ever have the chance to meet another blogger, go for it. (If you ever had occasion to be in Buffalo or Niagara Falls, let me know – I would love to meet you and your family!).

    (PS: I can give you links to all of my posts about these blogger visits – I didn’t know how many links I could leave in a comment on your blog, didn’t want to have to choose which blogger visit or two to link to, and didn’t want my comment rejected if I put in all the links!)

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  11. I can see why you take be cautious as your ninja instincts naturally switch to “ON” mode. I met Melanie from “DoesItEvenMatterWhoIReallyAm” a couple times when she came here to go to the Mayo. She is a wonderful lady and we had a great time together.

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