The Cutter


She draws upon herself with beautiful knives of steel.

With each stroke she paints a picture of her pain… with pain. Each cut produces a blossom of relief followed by a single tear of desire. A yearning for relief so strong is present that the hand acts without thought. It creates etch marks upon the arms and legs to mark the turning of each page. Another chapter of depression is finished, marked by the flowing of blood. They form droplets of periods and commas on the floor that highlight the desire of the moment. The emptiness of the page that follows reveals more than a lack of desire to write. The absence of a picture paints the image of pain that would be understated by words.

It is instead underlined by the “swishing” of a razor and a pained smile of contentment.

-Opinionated Man

22 thoughts on “The Cutter

  1. Beautifully written with so much expression. I had caught my 15 year old daughter cutting herself last night. I had known for two years that she had been doing this, but never once did I see it up until last night. My heart was broken into several pieces and at the same time I felt so much anger. I have literally tried all avenues of helping her and have not once succeeded. What is the next step from something like this?

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  2. How does causing physical pain, relieve the emotional pain? It’s like a substitute for the better way of dealing with it. Like NOT dealing it.. Like a drug I guess…

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