HarsH ReaLiTy

Sorry about the site name change. This is the original name of my blog and was temporarily hosted elsewhere. It is back on WordPress now and I still write this small blog.

This is what happens when you let Gary run the nightshift at HR headquarters and he presses the one button you aren’t supposed to press…

Anyways, aopinionatedman.wordpress.com is now aopinionatedman.com and will be hosted under the blog name HarsH ReaLiTy here on WordPress. Sorry for the confusion.

We fired Gary.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man



34 thoughts on “HarsH ReaLiTy

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  2. Let me defend myself OP readers! I was hired to be an HR ninja. Unfortunately, Mr. OP keeps hiring and firing people because he can’t decide on a website format. This drove me to drink heavily and my job duties slipped. Mr. OP is delusional, though!

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  3. name changes are a good thing , keeps things current 🙂 , I was going to move to self hosting, but I watched all the headaches and grief you had moving stuff around and said screw it lol

    I will be lurking on your blog pouring over your previous posts looking for the ones where you dealt with haters and trolls lol…. I believe you once said you know you made it when you have a hater or something like that, got my first one and he/she? it’s my new play toy til I grow bored lol … just gonna be reading your posts because well… you are the grand WP wizard and know everything , so i am gonna take a page or 2 out of your rules of engagement book and ram them up my haters ass lol ( dry without a kiss or vaseline ) lol

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