I am back WordPress…

HarsH ReaLiTy is back on WordPress.com again. My website https://aopinionatedman.com/ and https://aopinionatedman.wordpress..com/ are once again the same website. Thanks for your patience.

I know, I know. People missed me being on this platform so much…


-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman





59 thoughts on “I am back WordPress…

  1. Ohohoho~ I have a feeling that this is going to happen. It didn’t feel that you left, though. I still got your wp.org posts in my reader, I just couldn’t comment directly from here. So much hassle. But I’m glad that you finally returned. Cheers!

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  2. Either way I was able to read your post. I can understand why you would want to go back to WordPress dot com if your self hosted site kept going down. I can also sympathize with the frustration of having to maintain a self hosted site. However, I do believe the right hosting provider makes a whole lot of difference. Some hosting providers implement things that interfere with some of the plugins you use.

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  3. I’ve only known you over the last couple weeks but so far you’re posts have been entertaining and thanks a lot for your guidance with my blog when I was just starting out 🙂

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  4. Dang. I was just about to do that over the weekend. I wondered if I was the only person to ever do that. Then I switched hosting providers instead, and all my troubles with self-hosting melted away–proving to me that my provider was the real culprit. Now I turn around and YOU do it. So I’m really curious why. 🙂

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    • Well it all depends on who you go with. Who your domain is hosted with and where you host the site. My domain is still off WP and I own it. That was my number one goal. The site, the blog, is hosted now on WP, but I’m not as worried about it. I could lose all my posts and I’d just write more, so that’s never been a fear for me. My domain is a different story as I’ve worked hard to rank it. Just do what’s best for you. And no decision is permanent!


  5. Reblogged this on Lucky Otters Haven and commented:

    Jason aka Opinionated Man, has moved back to WordPress.com! I’m curious about the change, since he was so excited when he decided to self-host, but I guess the HarsH ReaLitY’s (sorry, could not resist) of self-hosting must have gotten to him after awhile. I know I wouldn’t want to try it.

    I’m secretly glad he’s moving back, because somehow, when he was self hosted, he seemed somehow farther away and less accessible to all of us newbies and scaredy-cats still on WP.com.

    Welcome back, Jason!

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  6. Welcome back Jason. I was wondering what the parade and marching band was all about?!

    I started my blog over on self-hosted for the first six months. Ironically you were one of those that advised me to come over to WP.com when I was researching all the options. Are we the only two ever that have come the other way. WP.org > WP.com. Haha.

    I couldn’t be happier with my move. The fact that when you hit submit on your latest article your ‘Followers’ & those perusing their interests on the Reader will at least have the option of reading your work. Not so out on the self-hosted Interwebs. It’s a vast arena and hard to be heard. I also really love the community aspect here. In the main it is very positive unless of course you WANT to stir up controversy and add a little spice. Know anyone like that? :p

    I also love not having to worry about hosting crap, server issues, theme upgrades and hack attempts from Whereever-aStan. I can just focus on my writing.

    Nice to have you back mate. Cheers Saxon

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