10 Reasons Why I Use the Word “Fuck”

1. Things move faster when you yell the word “Fuck” at them. “Fucking move” works best obviously.

2. Because the word “motherfucker” has too many syllables in it and takes too long to say.

3. People have been telling me since the age of 6 not to use this word. Well fuck them!

4. The word “shit” lost its harshness years ago.

5. It still amazes me how a singular word can offend so many people just by its existence. I feel like all the Fucks in this world deserve my support now.

6. After I received my first farewell letter from a subscriber due to my language I knew I could never break up with the word Fuck ever again. Using it just makes my job easier.

7. I love words that have multiple uses.

8. I love this word when it is used as a verb.

9. I use the word “fuck” because it is part of my colloquial language and I won’t moderate my writing for anyone.

10. The last time I used the word “dammit” a pack of eager beavers appeared.

I am 34 years old. I don’t need your permission to use words. If you don’t like the words I choose to use read something else.


234 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Use the Word “Fuck”

  1. I was brought up that fuck was a really bad word. However I don’t know how anybody an share their lives with a toxic person and not end up using it. Somehow it is very liberating.
    I love Lily Allen’s song on the subject. I have days when I play it LOUDLY!!
    Personally I love that you say it as it is and don’t come out with a lot of bull**.

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  2. Reblogged this on Kim Knight-Author and commented:

    I just have to say I adore this blogger he is so real, so funny and a bit brash but I like honesty in a person and with Jason you get that. I stumbled across this what he wrote as I’m taking a break from writing it’s almost 1.00am London time and needed some head space. Anyway, I can relate to this post as I just did an honest blog in which I did use the word FUCK and wondered to myself … I hope I don’t offend anyone then I read points three and five of Jason’s post and cracked up behind my PC I can relate to that! I had to share this. Also I too an thirty four years old! Good point Jason.

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  3. Fuck yeahh!! Reason #1, of course it works… And, see, this is why I adore Dexter’s sister Deb Morgan on the show you could be watching right now like I am, Some great quotes: “Fuck balls, you’re serious!” “Pretty fucking please with cheese on top” “A mother fucking roly-poly chubby cheeked shit machine” (aka a baby), and my abso-fucking-lutely top favorite of all, https://youtu.be/74tubLUhiLI?t=39s just the coffee one, right there at 39 seconds in. Yeah, Mrs M won’t allow me to watch that when she or the kids are around. Fuck. Great fucking post though.~DM

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  4. When I get hurt, no matter what there is a “Motherfu… ” at least. Try turning that into something nice when a kindergarten kid puts a chair leg on your bigtoe while your volunteering. They weigh more than you think. Lol

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  5. Just last week a man stopped dating me because I told him he could Fuck Right Off (He failed to call me when he was half an hour late) He told my friend that my language suggested I was emotionally unstable.
    I feel perfectly justified to tell someone to Fuck Right Off. It feels good. I like the look on someones face when my pretty self says it too.

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  7. My concern is that “fuck” will loose its harshness like “shit” has. I need “fuck” to remain off limits so it will still be my word of choice when I accidentally hit my thumb with a hammer. “jeepers” just won’t cut it.

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  8. Love this piece. I never understood why “curse” words angered or threatened other people, but like you said “fuck” that. Language is fluid and personal to each person and I like that you highlighted this idea!

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  9. If you haven’t yet seen it, there’s a book written by a minister’s son. It’s called “Fuck It”. Hilarious take on Life and how to get through it, sane by using the words “fuck it”. Loved it so, loved your blog entry here. 🙂

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  10. Reason why I love the word fuck



    And I am just 16

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  11. I too like saying Fuck! So cheers! Thanks for the post. Also, Dorothy Parker is alleged to have said to someone she didn’t wish to speak to on the phone: “Tell them I’m fucking busy. Or vice versa.”

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  12. Fuck is one of those words which rolls off so nicely. Starting with the top front teeth on the bottom lip, swirling through air space within our mouths to bounce off the upper back palate in a hard “keh”.
    I don’t understand why they don’t use it more in speech therapy.

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  13. I have no fucks to give when people are offending because I use “fuck” way too much. I mean the word just enhances any sentence especially when you’re trying to get your fucking point across. Great post!

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  15. This is brilliant and will be posted on my page because it just makes sense!!! 🍔🍯🍮🍪🍰🍩🍦🍭🍷🍻🍻🍷🍻🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍫🍖🍟🍙🍗🍗🍝🍗🍟🍤🍤 there are your gifts so I don’t use the word! Hahahah

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  16. Sometimes there is just no other word that expresses so well EVERYTHING that is wrong at the moment…My husband hates when I use the F bomb, but I just look at him and maybe not say it but think it…”fuck it.”

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  17. I have a very meager following. Recently I went on a bit of a rant and even posted a warning at the top that there would be gratuitous use of profanity. Instead of skipping the post, apparently, people read it and were still offended. They can’t say I didn’t warn them. I lost several readers that day. shrug

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        • Political correctness OVER THE TOP…its totally out of hand…..ridiculous really…..what ever happened to freedom of speech….without ridicule.!!. I seriously think our governments are forcing us into a dictatorship……..not just with what one can say…but what one can or cant eat, drink, smoke,do…….FUK the lot of them……my life and my decision as to what i do with it…..

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          • Over here they dress as they please…and its not pretty…trust me…Women have lost it, totally. Sometimes I am embaressed at being a female, I dont understand what they are trying to prove…


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  19. I can’t wait to read the blog where you tell us your daughters said “But we don’t wanna eat the fucking noodles!”

    and remember that you read it here first sports fans

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  20. I don’t use the F bomb very often, I say “Frisbee” instead what makes people think that I am a lady until I lower my voice and say “God damn it” what drives Americans wild. No matter how often I explain the correct usage of GD, they don’t understand. I am telling you, English doesn’t make any sense.

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