I’ve been attacking this the wrong way. Trying to find the perfect introduction, a unique way of telling the story. Just write.

So I am writing.




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50 thoughts on “Writing

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  3. I try to leave this comment on your adoption post, but it wouldn’t let me because I don’t have a WordPress.com account. Here is the comment:

    As an adoptee, I respect your experience, opinion and journey. Bless you.

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  4. I now know what was the matter with my book I didn’t have a intro and I was trying to had to find one that I couldn’t think about the rest of it so now I will work on the rest of it and do the intro when the book is finished. LOL Maybe then I will have one that will pull the reader in and keep the attention until the very end. Thanks Jason I needed your help and didn’t even know to asked. Kat

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  5. I have been asked the question ‘tell us about yourself’ in many many interviews and by now I have a narrative that almost goes like a rehearsed speech. While in reality I’m far from ‘rehearsed’… I am spontaneous. That’s what I am! And the so called ‘introduction’ almost took away from me who I really was!!!

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  6. I have enjoyed your writing since I started following you again, once I realized your posts were coming to me as wordpress.com rather than Harsh Reality, which I had been following since almost the beginning of my blogging career. Was there a reason behind the total change and look of your site?

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  7. This is actually really helpful … I’ve been trying too hard to have the right introduction and direction of blogs and writings lately rather than just expressing what needs to be expressed.
    I look forward to following your journey 🙂

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