Being Asian

I’m always amused when people get surprised by our ages… well most of our ages. Sorry Kwan, you just look old as hell.

People will say “holy shit did you know Khangi is 45!”

Well he did say he has two kids that are married…

“I know! I just thought had had kids at 15 or something. I was sure he was no older than 30!”

Well I’m 35…

“Holy shit! Nu uh… You aren’t 35… Man fuck Asians!”

I’ve actually had a conversation that went exactly that way. No joke. And more than once.


39 thoughts on “Being Asian

  1. you know, when I started following you, for reasons unknown to me, I thought you were elder to me (and of course you still look older than me , but that is a discussion for another time 😉 ) and then you went ahead and revealed your face and your age!

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  2. Rub it in Jason, rub it in. It is true though you do look like a baby and the angst that you write about does not show in your face….only in your mind and your poetry and your prose. (&%()_&^9 AND the horse you rode in on. with love and sheer covetness; ~~dru~~

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  3. I’m just curious. if they say “black don’t crack”, what do they say about Asians?
    I swear, I have a co-worker who I’ve been working with for almost a year now. She’s African American. I thought she’s only in her 20’s. She looks very young. I almost fell off my seat when she said she’s almost 50. What the heck! She has no “wrinkles” at all… no crease… nothin’!!! She must have found the fountain of youth. I can say the same for Asians especially the Chinese and the Koreans. I love love love their skin! But I know that they stay away from the sun. That’s one thing that’s not a secret.

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  4. It could be the opposite problem. My whole life people have thought I was older than I am. It was great when I would gamble in casinos at 17, but when your 24 and people think your in your early thirties it hurts your feelings. I’ve been told it’s my personality. Is that supposed to help me feel better? Lol

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