Women Only – Women Talk

For Mature Audiences. Skip this if that ain’t you.

I won’t lie to you girls. Sometimes I feel like changing my name to Opinionated Woman and switching sides… for a day. Don’t get me wrong, being a guy is cool. We get to pee standing up, although I later learned in life women can still technically do that, and no one really expects to much of you unless you have set that expectation yourself. Sometimes men suck. Have you ever been stuck in a room full of (I was about to use Alpha Males… but I honestly think that whole shit with “Alpha this and that” is stupid) supercharged men and the testosterone levels are so high it is giving you a headache. You fear any minute now people are going to start whipping them out and comparing inches? I have and it is highly annoying, stressfully, and smelly.

I often admire how women can readily focus their mind to hone in on feelings and emotions. It is admirable. Some men can as well, but for the most part we allow our feelings to be connected to our actually feelings. It is cold in here. I felt that see? And those feelings translate into the emotion of being irritated, because men get irritated easily. And irritation isn’t the same as frustration here, because we all get frustrated. For some reason though I connect irritation, and here I include myself obviously with the men folk, with that irrational feeling of anger we get. Or maybe I just get. Maybe it is just me… never mind we will forget this paragraph.

I think watching stressful shows causes you to take on that stress. This includes shows about women yelling at each other… the whole show! People often say things like “I don’t know why Cindy does that in her relationships!” I DO!!! She saw it on a show on MTV!!!

This is so hard. I am actually sitting here sighing and looking at the ceiling. I never struggle to write. This is the hardest post ever…

Why did you all request I write one of these? That was painful for you… admit it.

~To Be Continued~

-Opinionated Man

(Opinionated Man has a degree in relationship studies from the Intergalactic Academy of Women)

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29 thoughts on “Women Only – Women Talk

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  2. I love this, I’m still stuck in the room full of testosterone over-fueled men the answer is to act all girlie & get them to do stuff for you.
    Back to the point; Poor Baby you think you’ve got it tough, women are vicious. They have proven that girls verbally bullying has creates far greater long term damage than boys physical bullying. Oh and promise not to tell any women who I am or how to find me.

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  3. I’m so glad that I read this despite the “Mature Audiences” requisite. 🙂 While I may not always be very mature, I greatly enjoyed this. Your perspective is so funny as always. I’m looking forward to the continuation-hopefully not at the expense of more pain. 🙂

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  4. We are very different and it’s important, just like you did in this post, to admire the strengths of the opposite sex and learn how to complement each other to become better humans. Kind of gross to compare private parts, but many women obsess over breasts so maybe it’s the same? Maybe less smelly? Maybe not? Lol!!

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  5. Hahahahaa… ahem… cough… um, from our perspective it would appear that every conversation between men in a group is a comparison of endowment. I think if some men could pull ‘it’ out just to back up their posturing they would. Well hey, maybe I wouldn’t go as far as to say that a man might flop his thing out over his best friend on their death bed… although, hmm, that thought might actually have some merit: “Hey before you die Johnny, have one more look at this big ol’ hog. aww yeah! Nice eh!!!? Sweet, thanks bro. It’s been a slice.”

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