Fear and Love: A Poem in Two Voices

I enjoyed this read yesterday and wanted to come back and share it. Check out his blog as well! -OM
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I looked straight in your soul, and saw the real beauty
Hiding in there behind all your insecurity:
You are afraid since you don’t know my motives,
Society breeds awkwardness, hard to know what the truth is.

They don’t really like me, they’re fakes on the make,
I haven’t got anything worthwhile left to take
And so much less to give.  Please!  Don’t look at me!
I’m holding it together but even my mask isn’t much to see.

I took a step back to look straight to your heart,
Broken, but beautiful, every last fragmented part,
I wish you didn’t hurt. I wish I could heal you.
I wish you felt whole, and free to be the real you

They looked and I know they saw every minute flaw,
Last time I trusted enough I was left feeling raw,
I don’t ever want that to happen, never again,
I swear, I’ll run faster…

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