I think the thought process, as you are doing now, is the first step. From there you follow your heart! I hope the hair coloring goes well! -OM
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Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends, I talked with you last week about the relationship not going anywhere which it was for several reason however there were some good reasons to continue but not even to really be good about that type of stress on my mind.  But now that I am back in the world of the living I realize just how lonely a person can get when they are in their own world and not seeing what is going on around them.  When I starting talking with my friend he engaged me in ways that my friends, family couldn’t and I began to feel alive and needed again.  Now that he isn’t in my world anymore I realize that I do a lot of good things for people around me but I haven’t done anything good for myself in months maybe even a year or so.  Which I…

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