In the Light of Dawn

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sunrise in the mountains landscape

The silence beckons my jaded ears,

sounding both exotic and foreign

next to words shouting for supremacy

in the latest shuffle.

Their cries converging in singular lament.

When its ancient voice instructs me 

to stand a little closer,

whispering an old truth that directs

my sight toward dawn.

Empty words unable to see…

sunrise in the mountains landscape

My thoughts filling with first light

to reveal pride’s swollen belly,

overfed and still hungry –

eating all but itself.

It’s mouth opening to swallow me whole.

Sifting through the murky layers

to escape pride’s shadow,

I ignore its version of truth

where darkness chases the light.

Restless ghosts dancing in merriment…

sunrise in the mountains landscape

I’ve heard it all before,

mistaking folly for wisdom.

Silence shattering the last illusion,

waits for me to speak.

Where do I go from here?

My lips pressed in wonder, listening

to a language almost forgotten.

Mother Nature paused in sober reflection

as day breaks through.

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