Good Morning Father!

One can always appreciate the sincerity in your posts and that you never sound like you are preaching at us! -OM
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Pure Glory

Prayer and Worshipby Hazel Straub

Good Morning Father!

Holy is your name.  Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Thank you for a fresh new day. How do you plan to use me today? Rejoicing in you, Father, because you send me out into the world, as your ambassador of love, life, light and hope. Make Jesus famous!

I take authority over all darkness, wherever I go, today, in the name of Jesus. I loose all fear doubt and unbelief, from my soul. I bind the love, light and life of God and the blood of Jesus, to my soul. The enemy of our soul and darkness must flee, now!

Your love transforms! Going on my way, praising your name!

Love you so much!


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