Don’t Try to Fix Me

Don’t try to fix me. Fix yourself.

I am broken, but not breaking. A man, but still learning to be manly. Father in name and learning to be a real father each day. Learning to love me.

Don’t judge me. Judge yourself.

I know I am not perfect in this imperfect world. If I had meant to be perfect I would have died at birth. Instead I live and grow in my imperfection and it grows with me as well. I can only be what I am.

Don’t pray for me. Pray for them.

Pray for those that ask for blessings. I simply ask for another day. Another sunset, another sunrise to rise with. Another day to appreciate a day. That is all I ask for.



34 thoughts on “Don’t Try to Fix Me

  1. Here’s saying thanks for all the blessings we receive each and every day, including the day itself. He is so far ahead of us, giving us what we need to survive this this world. Saying thanks seems like it might not suffice for all we receive, but to Him I believe it moves moutains!

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  2. Going to pray any way – that’s what I do!!
    Jason, I think you are amazing and I think you must be a wonderful father. The fact that you are in your children’s lives, that you think about them, that you strive to grow more fully into fatherhood – they are blessed.

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  3. Jason, you are man just like the rest of us no more no less but equal in all parts of all sums…If we tried to fix what isn’t broken it would be wrong…I like you just the way you far as prays go I pray for all my friends and others too but you are in my friends department so I pray for you anyway I just can’t help it…LOL Catholic guilt…but it’s no big deal…I like you just the way you are so I’m not going to fix you no problem. OKAY!!!!???? Kat

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