Do we have magic?

Do you believe in magic? -OM
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This is a controversial blog, as most people will read the title and assume I’m barking mad, and swoosh around my house with smudge sticks and crystals.

Whilst I do love crystals and do actually have four on my bedside table, it is more for comfort and the fact I think they are pretty than believing they will save me.

So, I am writing this blog as I was just in Sainsbury’s doing my shopping when  I turned a corner and thought about everything flying off the shelves and how funny that would be. At the precise moment a huge carton of milk fell of the shelf and exploded onto the floor. The store assistant close by came round the corner and stood at the opposite end of the isle to me and instantly asked me if I was a witch – completely seriously!
CEgGIfMWoAASMmYThis was genuinely my face when…

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