I walked upon a single rose as she began to die.

She looked at me with complete sadness and started with a why.

Why what… I said to her, confusion in my eye.

Why must I be surrounded by only things that die?

I stumbled upon my response, caught totally by surprise.

Because you are the beauty. The beauty before our eyes.

She smiled at my words as she began to fall.

I watched as she disappeared and left her shadow standing tall.




Let me know if you hate me

I honestly forget who doesn’t like me and since I rarely, rarely unfollow anyone I tend to forget if someone hates me. It gets confusing you know. One day they are laughing with you about tin foil and the next they are beyond offended by your donkey post. That’s social media though right? So please do remind me if you hate my guts. I won’t be offended and will move on. Just don’t talk bad about Peyton Manning or shit might get real.

We are going on a field trip today! I won’t tell you where since so many got upset the last time I went. Pfff.





She says she doesn’t know what she wants as what wants her droops out the door. He walks nowhere for a time until time doesn’t matter. Thoughts of her and their moments together play like a movie in his mind. Longing pushes him further and further till there is no more longing left inside of him. There is simply loss. Just as

Can I write all my problems so that there are no more problems. Putting them to bed under the lead of my salvation. An object burdened by only the duty of the moment and that moment is my will. That duty calls as we break bones together. I find my right hand heavy lately, so I write with the left instead. It doesn’t matter as long as we kill the dreams. The dreams that seem to stay instead of me.