Man Code

They keep reading our posts so we will just use man code. The goose calls at midnight and the cow jumps over the moon. Beware the snakes at noon and buy more beer. Oops. I mean get more provisions…

The cat meows while chasing tigers and four eggs hatched tomorrow. Turn over the bacon.


67 thoughts on “Man Code

    • Don’t do it! You have your “feminine mystique,” and we’re OK with it. Let the boys have their silly codes, because we’ll never figure out the mystique and the codes aren’t too difficult once you get into his head (oh, and I mean that -into his head- only figuratively).

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      • You should have mentioned figurative earlier, I rushed off to get a drill, then happened to glance back and read the word figurative. Oh and I don’t do “feminine mystique” although I do a passable “malevolent up-to-something”. πŸ˜‰

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        • Well “malevolent-up-to-something” could be great, and might be mysterious in some ways. I mean, “‘Til death us do part” should have some kind of meaning, shouldn’t it? Those aren’t just words, they’re a vow to be taken literally! But, um, don’t get any ideas or anything.
          πŸ˜‰ ~DM

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          • Don’t worry, he ain’t getting out of this that easily. Til death do us part & he’s not allowed to die until he’s finished all his jobs, so at least 6 months after I go, if he hurries up! Remember the quote (I forget whose) “Smile! It makes people think you’re up to something” possibly Jim Davis – Garfield. πŸ™‚

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  1. it seems to me that men are simple to please, if women would just get on board…so to speak. It all starts with B. Booze, Beef, Bacon, Beer, and two or three other b’s, and I don’t mean bitching or bitterness. We’re so simple they don’t even need the rest of the alphabet.

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  2. Er …. does my spanner look big in this ?
    It’s my time of the … week. Yes. It’s my time of the week so I may well not get in a bad mood.
    Let’s have a coffee morning. Sorry. What I meant to say was … Let’s drink lots of beer and throw up.

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