You will lose friends

The problem with online friendship is that you will lose them. It will happen. Because why the hell did you write that post on aluminum foil? How insensitive could you possibly be? Seriously.

I find it amusing when I get to witness online drama go down. And I’m not in it this time so I grab my popcorn and get comfortable. Do you know why online drama gets so heated? Has anyone ever said something to you online and it just stayed with you. While you are driving to get your kids their words keep ringing in your head and even though you and “Gary” have never spoken before on the phone… you know what that guy sounds like. You hear him saying his words he purposefully typed and it begins to boil. You get your kids and keep going because that is online bullshit and you are above it! (Gary and I still love each other by the way. I find using a staple name as your scapegoat in posts serves a great purpose of avoiding misunderstanding.)

Later that night you are brushing your teeth and boom! Words! Where the hell are they coming from! It is Gary again! He is speaking to you like a minor WordPress God and his comment keeps beating you. Almost physically at this point. Well that does it! Fuck Gary! You get your laptop out.


45 thoughts on “You will lose friends

  1. Oh dear! Good I saw this! I was going to come up with a DIY on making your own tinfoil hat. Now, that would’ve got me into some trouble. I never imagined this to be such a touchy issue with the English speaking world o.O

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  2. And ghosts. Talking about ghosts can suddenly turn a seemingly sane friend into a Bible-thumping maniac, screaming accusations that you are cavorting with demons, and therefore imperilling THEIR soul. She’s gone now. The ghosts remain. They must have eaten her for dinner.

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  3. I think the clue to avoiding drama is don’t engage. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and it may not correspond to mine. But I do respect the opinions of others.

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  4. I’m glad you didn’t mention fireworks as the very thought of them sends my dog into a wild frenzy! I hate mushrooms with a passion so please dont mention them either or I will throw my toys out of the pram. On a serious point, its sad that people fall out whether in real life or in the world of cyberspace. I would, however be far more concerned where I to lose one of my real-life friends (I.E. those I enjoy a pint with down the pub or a good curry in my favourite Indian restaurant). The online community is great but when push comes to shove its one’s friends one interacts with (out of cyberspace) who one can lean on either literally or metaphorically. Kevin

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  6. Haha, perfectly stated, I’ve had that lingering resentment appear from time to time.

    One person followed me, commented all the time, and I did likewise. Then I posted something they didn’t like about soldiers. It was on a poem and they came in saw it and turned it into a two headed attack on me for having the audacity to not support troops (as if there could be any other option..).

    Story short: one of my most treasured followers never set foot on my blog again. I went to theirs once to test the water and replied to a story. Then zero.

    Funny people.

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