Can I find my center within the rings of my life. I don’t need the high and forget the lows. I just want a median and the ability to accept the line. I’m devoted to it having been below the line one too many times. It is hard to climb out of the crevice from mistakes made especially when we know where we must be. Back to the median and the path we know. Back to where it all began.

17 thoughts on “Median 

  1. Well Hello my Angel!! Thank you for such a thought provoking post. I do know that we all struggle with this and at times it is hard to get back to the median, we can get there and be even better than before ~ it just takes a bit of time. Mistakes are what make us human and what we must learn from. It is just this thing called “Life.” With that my dear, know that you are always loved and looked upon by your many Angels! Whether you believe that or not, it’s true. 8) Sending you lots of Light & Love!

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