For Men Only – Guy Talk

I feel like there aren’t a lot of men that read this blog. It is probably the poetry huh. I hate it too.

You have Gary, Jim, Deon, and a few others who oddly enough include a couple more Jims. So that is obviously one guy that is either infatuated with me or the name Jim… Hmmm.

I’m glad we have these talks men. I use the code so the women can’t see this post. You know the up, up, down, down, left right, left… right… B, A start. It works but you have to do it just right. Here I’ll do it.

Man I miss those days. Back when metal gear solid actually had a story line and if you died without any more continues you had to start over. I know right. Imagine.

I may go play Skyrim.

I did figure something out about… them. They like surprises! Go surprise someone.


12 thoughts on “For Men Only – Guy Talk

  1. I play fantasy football so male virtual smack-talk has helped me understand your complex system of letters and numbers that form into your thoughts and ideas. I promise not to share with my women-friends.
    (or am I just another Jim?)

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  2. oh good grief! you’re giving away clues to the code once again. the next thing you know the ladies will be reading the secret messages in the poetry.

    *walks away shaking his head

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