What are we supposed to do?

I’m back in grade school (OK, maybe college…) My hand is waving frantically, desperate for attention.  I have a question.   It’s not a timid wave, either…but a determined wave like a novice practicing semaphore flags (sorry if that’s redundant.)     I just want to know what we are supposed to do.

Right, I see that all the other kids have their heads down, pencils gripped in their hands and leaning over their papers, and … I guess they are writing…  OR the bumpkin next to me is just refusing to let me see his paper. 

My pencil lead broke.  May I sharpen it?   um…where is the sharpener? 

OK, write my name on the left top of the paper.  Is that my left, or the paper’s left?   Do I “write” as in cursive, or should I print?      Do they want my whole name spelled out, or just my first name?

(Looks around.)   What are we supposed to do next?    Do we put the date on the paper?   Do we spell out the month or use numbers?

Reader?   Where is my reader?  (scrambles in desk)     What page are we on? 

(hand waving)    What are we supposed to write on the top line.   The title?     Does it have to be a certain number of words?  ANY topic is good?     Can I write about dogs?    Is it OK if I write about washing my dog?   ANY TOPIC?


(fast forward to pesent day…WRITING MY BLOG POST…)

ME:   Teacher…er, Mr. OM…what should I write about?

OM: Anything, just so there’s no bad language or political correctness. 

ME:  Is it OK if I write about blogging?


What if you don’t like it?

Then I won’t publish it.

Oh.  (starts writing)

(35 seconds later:)  How long does this have to be?


Here’s the thing.   Every day I write for my blog.  I write poetry, attempts at humor, political commentary, historical interest pieces, cutlines for my photographic efforts…flowers, cats, rocks, all kinds of other stuff.    I write opinion pieces on a variety of topics.   Some of this volume of bloggery is good, some not so much.     My readers….that is people that read my stuff….comment or leave me a little smiley face.

But when the time comes to write a blog post “by assignment,” so to speak, the atmosphere suddenly changes and my mind becomes blank (ok, blank-er) as I sift through my virtual cabinets of “great ideas.”

So either you (ya) are reading this piece…written for OpinionatedMan’s site, by invitation  (smug smirk here) OR it has been returned to my in-box with a red-marker-penned note:   “YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.”

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18 thoughts on “What are we supposed to do?

  1. This is a great piece! I can completely relate. I write primarily about mental health, sometimes personal, sometimes general. But I always wonder what my readers are going to think if I go completely off topic.

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    • Thanks! My blog is eclectic…it can be any form, poetry, humor, history, political commentary, opinion, photos. Actually I do have a second blog, but it is pretty much neglected because I’m not sure where I want to go with it 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:

    Wow! Or as we used to say after the War…ZOUNDS! Yes!!! I can’t believe that I am re-blogging my OWN post for the HarshReality, Opinionated Man blog….which by the way (wink, wink) is a HUGE honor having been posted by OM. My humbleness is hardly contained….Wow! Thanks Jason for inviting me to be a Guest Blogger! 🙂

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  3. I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I have no idea what will interest people, and sometimes I know that what I have to say won’t interest anyone who might be reading, so I wonder if I should even bother publishing it at all!

    The nice thing about writing is that it can just flow from you…. and it’s eternally changeable, malleable in your hands. No piece of writing on our blogs has to be permanent; we can keep updating and changing and adding. And it’s messy, but it’s beautiful because it’s ours. 🙂


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