23 thoughts on “Guinea pigs

  1. Guinea pigs are GREAT! I have 2, Ember and Ash (no, I did not do that on purpose). On the subject of big cages, I built one for my piggies. Get a dog kennel, some zip ties, and a set of wire rack shelving units. Zip tie a couple of the shelving units together to fit the back half (or as much as you want) of the top half of the cage. Now zip tie the shelving to the kennel. Second level complete! Now just use some shelving or something similar to make a ramp up to the top level. My piggies love their dog-kennel cage.

    PS: Make sure the bars of the dog kennel are close enough together that they won’t fall out if they ran into the side.

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  2. I have a skinny pig – a hairless Guinea pig. We extended his cage using a small pet exercise cage and attached it to the original cage. I put a ramp on the door and open it throughout the day. He runs around like crazy and loves it.

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  3. They are cute, mostly rabbits, i had a guinea once when i was about 12 but i let it star outside the cage, it wasn’t cool trying to get this guinea once they set free, too small to figure its hide out. RnbStar #wsonthis

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  4. Guinea pigs are wonderful pets. We had one, named Quiggley. Quiggley had a two-decker cage with ramps to the different levels (we called it the townhouse), and every night we took him out of the cage and let him run around in the bathroom while we were cleaning the cage. I used to cuddle him while I clipped his little nails, and my daughter had him trained to do some tricks like begging for food. And he was a great little watch animal – he always let me know whenever my teenage daughter was trying to sneak back into the house late in the evening. He would squeal with delight at seeing her (usually followed by a harsh whisper to “Shut up, Quiggley!”). We had that guinea pig for over 7 years, and he finally died of old age. I miss that little guy. If I ever find myself in an apartment where I can’t have a dog or a cat but am allowed caged animals, I will definitely get myself a guinea pig.

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