A Dash of Flash Promotion Post

A Dash of Flash (Small)

A Dash of Flash is an eclectic mix of 85 stories with both contemporary and historical settings, plus a few fairy tales and ghost stories added for good measure.

Step inside and join the many and varied characters at their times of joy or sorrow, remorse or loss. Laugh at their foibles, commiserate with their grief and indulge with them as they reminisce. Or simply smile at the fantasy of the tale.

Glimpse them all for but a mere flash in time…

The stories range from 100 and 1000 words, most being around 200 words but several hovering close to the upper word limit for ‘flash’ at 1000 words. Another half dozen weigh in at a mere 100 words.
Story length is as varied as story-genre and the time period in which each is set.

A Dash of Flash is available on:

Amazon.com and Amazon UK



3 thoughts on “A Dash of Flash Promotion Post

  1. Hi Brett. That’s good to hear! Do you write flash yourself? It’s a lot of fun and the communities are very supportive.There are so many flash fiction challenges on WordPress to choose from, too. I very quickly got hooked when I first started. Now I see every photo or illustration as a prompt and wonder what I could write about it. Lol I may well be talking to ‘the converted’, in which case, you’ll know what I mean! Thank you for the nice comment.

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