People should give thought to their email titles. For instance, if your email starts with forgiveness or God it better have some pretty catchy words after that or I delete it. I suppose I might read an email titled “God I hate your blog.” But see that would just be amusing and I’ve gotten those emails. They are amusing.
I can’t think of a title with the word “Forgiveness” in it that I’d care about. Maybe… Forgiveness! Refund to you of $1,000,000!!!” But there again I’d probably assume that is spam and move on. I’ll admit I’ve opened emails with “God Forgives You,” but that was because I really wanted to know what he saw. I mean he sees everything, but what if just maybe he was too busy with something greater than the time I lied about the candy…
I think it is funny when people email you and say “I’ll let you promote this for free.” I’ve heard of paying to sell something, but me pay you to promote… you? It must have been a language barrier.
I’m watching a lot of Olympics lately. Anyone else? I cheer for Korea too, South Korea! Phew. I almost set off a firestorm.

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