Bloggers Come and Go

Like all things people come and go. I have been a gamer for a long time and have always enjoyed games that rely on making real connections online. The hard part is those connections are real and the people you connect with become your online friends. What does online friendship mean to you? For some they are trivial things that are worth less than the sentence needed to make them. For others these connections are as real as they get and more so because they may be the only connections we make on a daily basis.

I live most of my life as a shadow. Living in a neighborhood that isn’t demographically kin to my skin, I find I make connections better online. I always have. Introversion isn’t a disease and isn’t a lifestyle. Being an introvert is just who we are and how we feel. It is as a part of us as our skin, only we wear our introversion internally so that no one can see it. It only appears when people try to dig beneath the skin and get to know who we are. That is when our skin becomes a shell and we turn within.

My outlet, my connection has always been online. The tapping of a keyboard is my heartbeat and the people I meet online have always been just as real to me as the roommate that steals my food from the fridge. Whether it is on an online poker table, on a Starcraft battlefield, or interlinking between our blogs, those are lifelines to me and to the type of social scene I live for.

Who will remember you when you are gone? Some bloggers come to write, to opinionate, and to share with others. Some people just want to leave a few words behind so that people know we were here. That we once ate and breathed blog by sharing our concerns, fears, and tears with the world. I write daily for that purpose. I do not blog to inspire or to motivate people. I blog for myself and I believe we should all be here for ourselves. What we get from spilling words, images, phrases, and pages is why we return. It is why we blog.

One day we all move on. Bloggers come and go like seasons. They fade, but their words do stay. What will you leave behind for people to know you existed? So many bloggers I have known have already answered that question as they have moved on. It makes me stop and consider what I am building and what I want people to remember me for.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man




44 thoughts on “Bloggers Come and Go

  1. I agree with you. I blog for myself. I blog to untangle the mess in my head, or to voice opinions. But, it’s all me. And even though it’s a pen name, it’s all still the real me. I think that those who start to write for others, will run out of things to say fairly quickly

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  2. Whatever reason we blog for or whatever we blog about, as long as it’s what we want to do and makes us happy, then we are free to do so, it will always leave an impart when we are away😊

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  3. As a new blogger. i write what I write to share my stories out there, instead of writing in my diary and hiding it under my bed or in a closed drawer, feels much better to share it with people. When I started blogging I did not expect people to read my stories or what I write but as I kept writing, some bloggers started following me. But i keep writing for me.. Maybe I will meet someone who shares the same life line with me.

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  4. I love this article so much, It is like you have spoken what was on my mind. I strongly agree with that we come and let world know we were here and leave behind our words. What we are and how we are and how we want the world to see us, the real us is why we blog may be. I mean, I am me at least here on my blog and no one else. I share what I like irrespective of the fact that there are people better and bigger than me. Also, I myself find it easy to connect with people online and I have found good friends online. 🙂 Thanks for this article, I loved reading it.

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  5. Whenever I see a blogger stop blogging and move on it makes me wonder if I will ever reach a point where I don’t want to blog anymore and what my reason for stopping will be. Makes me think they got too discouraged by their stats page instead of writing for themselves, but only they know the reason.

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    • Hi Paul. I have done little online of late. It has absolutely nothing to do with discouragement. It has to do with just the opposite. Getting my books into print and into people’s hands via face to face contact is by far more rewarding and encouraging than my time spent online. I enjoy meeting and interacting with others using all my senses and skills versus the more insulated world of social media. They both have their place and uses, I am just less inclined to spend my time in a world populated by pixels and specters.

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  6. I think this serves to prove that online friendships and relationships are becoming just as poignant as those in the ‘real’ world – ‘Things change and people leave’ – yup! I sometimes wonder if online connections can even be more authentic than those face-to-face; online we are not worried about what our hair looks like, how stupid our voice sounds or worry that we might say something stupid. Online protects us from all that and seems to open deeper channels of communication. I have confided in online friends things I would never impart in person. I have even found myself falling in love (soon put a stop to that nonsense!) They say that people are fake online, that you never really know who you are talking to. But there is plenty of fakery in the real world and just because we can look into their eyes and see their lips move does not mean they are genuine. Long live the digital community, I say!

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  7. You had me at gamer – moving on – blogging – come and go. I say this because I was a part of a gaming community on AOL chat rooms (yes, I was one of “them”). I loved it because I could write (and fast). I created interesting characters, I gave them voices and better, the other characters that interacted with mine had voices and really, it just made the whole thing real. I did this for the better part of the past 20 years, then it fizzled. It fizzled because of drama, reason aside though the result was the same, it came and it went.

    But I am still a gamer. I haven’t gone. I am a writer, I like to blog. However, it has been a week since my last post. I do not want to fade, I do not want my voice to become an echo that only 15 people have read (oh my, just 15 compared to your hundreds, I have an envy complex now).

    So what do you do to combat that?

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  8. This is a good way to look at our lifespan as bloggers and the impact that our words can have when we leave this life behind. As long as our post reflect who we are, the world will get to know of you regardless of if you are on or not.

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  9. The quote that resonates with me well is that: Things change and friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody. The saying shows that in spite of our current situation, the things we have now will be gone someday and life just keeps on moving. It is a bitter thing to think about as we know that things won’t ever be the same. But at the same time, it teaches us on to be appreciative of the things we have now.

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  10. I know what you mean when you say that you “write daily for that purpose. I do not blog to inspire or to motivate people. I blog for myself and I believe we should all be here for ourselves. What we get from spilling words, images, phrases, and pages is why we return. It is why we blog.” I still blog for me and as a way to write daily. But there are also days I ask myself “why”…

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  11. Interesting piece Jason. Haven’t seen your posts in my Reader for ages so glad I caught this one. Life often gets in the way doesn’t it. I am in awe of your consistency with your posting. I get caught in the ebbs and flows of life so much. Probably producing about 4 – 6 posts each month at the moment. So wish it was more but I’m struggling with time to do that. Nice to reconnect buddy!

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      • Oh wow. You’ve gone to self-hosting!? Can I ask why? I went the other way about a year ago now and am very happy. Sure the sky is the limit with plugins and other cool things so I do miss that ability to make a completely bespoke site. But overall I’m happy with the inbuilt community here. That said you did appear in the Reader today to me. Is that because I follow you that I still get your feeds. Do you show under tags still?

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