A candidate with a good record this election year

Many of us are sick to death because of this election. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “what choice do we have besides Trump or Hillary?” We do have other choices. Just because CNN will only show those two morons doesn’t mean our nation hasn’t provided other options. I am going Green this election and if you are looking for a third door… read this post. -OM
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The Dependent Independent

Gary Johnson—June 20, 2012 He comes in peace. (Image source: Wikipedia/Flickr)

I’m sure there will be people questioning my sanity in considering Gary Johnson for President in this election cycle… but you can’t deny the unfavorable numbers for the other two in the polls— “the two most unpopular nominees in the history of polling.”

Crappy candidates have produced low turn for decades, and some people say it doesn’t matter much who gets into office.  The bureaucrats behind the scenes don’t switch parties.  True, but that doesn’t mean we stay at home, does it?  As responsible citizens we must do what is right— to believe in better, to educate ourselves and fight for better, even if we lose the battle.  ’Cause otherwise, we deserve less for our less.

I’ll show you my cards in saying I’m not terribly enthusiastic about Johnson; he’s said some things that sound stuck in 2006.  (Invading Iraq…

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