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I actually have my blogger bio labled as “Author Bio,” but I am not an author… yet. So here is the link to my Blogger Bio and I’ll paste it below. I think many people have missed it judging from recent comments.

Opinionated Man


I was born in Pusan, South Korea and was left on a street when I was 3 years old. I was adopted and lived my early childhood in Jackson, Mississippi which was… interesting. I moved to Memphis, TN around the first grade and although similar in some ways, Memphis was very different in others. My adopted parents are white. My mom is a writer and my father is a doctor, I have an adopted sister who is Korean as well, and I have a white adopted brother. I am the middle child.

I grew up playing competitive soccer, golf, and gymnastics. I hate baseball so I guess I will never be “American.” Something about small hard objects being thrown at my face does not appeal to me. I was never tall enough when I was younger and did not get picked often to play basketball. They would say “we will takkkkkkeeee… Cindy!!!” “DAMMIT!!!” Growing up with all white friends and black school mates was a bummer because I was generally in the lower 25% in height and weight. A fact that was readily apparent in physical altercations, but I will say that I gave as good as I got. I grew up white which really is the simple truth. I didn’t even eat Asian food, and yes I say Asian here because I wasn’t Korean at the time.

I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and quickly went from a good student to a below average student. Mainly because for some reason to do well in school you have to attend class, a concept that passed me by. I did not do well in college mostly because of anger at my birth mom, which I discovered in 2000. I still have not met her or talked to her and she has kept me from ever meeting my older sister, whom I didn’t know existed till 2000 as well. It took me 12 years to move past that. I still like soju though… so at least I have a comforting companion.

I enjoy writing, poetry, history, animal shows, ESPN, a few regular shows, and I also LOVE Anthony Bourdain. If I could meet him I would, he has inspired me in many ways. I would also love to meet Robert Jordan, W.E.B. Griffin, and Raymond E. Feist, my three favorite authors. Unfortunately I will have to wait a bit to meet Jordan, RIP we will always miss you Robert. Your light still shines.

Currently I work in information technology under the yoke of Corporate Rule… but maybe one day I will be able to be a real writer. Right now I do not consider myself a writer at all, in fact I would say I am an amateur pretending to be a writer. I will accept the title of blogger though, that I suppose I have earned. I enjoy scotch, 12 years or even older if I can afford it. Famous Grouse is my favorite brand because it is cheap, but if I could drink Macallen every day I would. Unfortunately my Crohn’s keeps me from drinking too much of that, probably a good thing.

What else… this is beginning to sound pretty frivolous. I like debate and I admire conviction and passion in anyone. I dislike people that throw facts around without basis, or that try to validate themselves by throwing up hypothetical statements. That to me is the most annoying thing ever. I guess I am more human than I thought.

I currently live in Colorado with my wife and two daughters. It snows here. I hate snow. Anyways, that is pretty much me.

This blog was created January 3rd, 2013.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man




11 thoughts on “My Blogger Bio

  1. UT/K-town is my undergrad alma mater as well. I was a theatre major, so you’ll forgive me if I do not say “Go Vols” with vigor. They co opted our parking for home games, which had a predictably unfortunate effect on audience attendance. I had little interest in organized athletics in any case — especially the arrogance of the college athletes who played them.

    Since I was almost always cast in a show, evenings in rehearsal or on the stage, I did little to no actual homework outside my major. Unlike you, good lecture notes were my primary support as I crammed for exams, or I might never have been able to hang a diploma on my wall.

    I cut my drinking teeth on Jack Daniels in my freshman year – and a distributor who attended a professional performance subsequently make me a Squire – but I, too, drink premium scotch when I can justify the expenditure – a good single malt when I come across one.

    Btw, I can continue to say that Tennessee will always be my second home – as a Squire, I officially own one square inch of land in Lynchburg (even though my father lost the deed when I was on tour and used his home as my permanent address). I remain a deedless land baroness.

    The world is a marble and we all have more in common than we imagine!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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      • I actually lived there for a couple of years after several on tour after graduation and almost 20 in Manhattan. Long crazy story, and the move wasn’t exactly my choice, yet I still had a few friends who were locals, so I suppose my expectations were a bit skewed. I attended UT much before your time, judging by your pic, so you might not be as disoriented and disappointed as was I.

        Although nothing significant had really changed (especially the ‘you STILL can’t get there from here’ airport!), but once one is no longer involved with UT in some way it is a completely different town. Quite the shocker after NYC to this big-city girl at heart.

        K-town had allowed what was left of “downtown” to turn into a virtual ghost town, and have been busy building it back ever since. I hear it is rather nice these days, but really? The Chamber of Commerce and I obviously have very different points of view. How did they expect to have a city with a college & football complex and ‘burbs surrounding no CITY?

        Don’t know if you spent much time in G-burg, but I did quite a few seasons of summer theatre at Hunter Hills so was eager to revisit. UT, meanwhile, sold off that beautiful outdoor theatre. It was leveled to build some sort of sports complex for G-burg Pittman HS.

        Why am I not surprised? Still, the rest of Gatlinburg was much the same as I recalled, and I loved revisiting.

        Pigeon Forge made me drop my teeth! Dollywood had completely changed the drive-through town it was back in my day. It is now a cheek by jowl discount and Christmas shopping mall (with hotels) that one can barely drive through at all anymore for the bumper to bumper 30 mph. traffic.

        NOW, what were you saying about that drink?

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  2. I like your style, thank you for sharing that!
    P.s., you won’t be in the corporate world forever. Keep writing, you’ve got the talent to break out of the yoke.

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  3. First and foremost, you’re truly a great writer. Also, I think you’re a very fortunate person. Your Bio is awesome and I’m eagerly waiting on your next blog.

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