Today My Fish Died

Dorian died today. He was the last fish we owned and I found him floating at the bottom of the bowl. I wasn’t sure if he had really passed away because lately he has begun to “pretend to die” daily… I assumed he was just looking for an extra meal till he didn’t respond to my taps. Alas it wasn’t so today, he was truly gone to fish heaven.

I feel like Dorian deserves to be remembered and I will miss his presence among my bottles of scotch. He was the perfect guard fish and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. He never intruded in my space and always stuck to his bowl of comfort. He wasn’t overly talkative either. Who will greet me in the morning with bubbles of joy?

All water leads to the ocean. We have to continue that lie because of Dorian and Dori who he was named after. That is right, Dorian lived a confused life in which he was continuously called different names. I am unsure if it created a complex or if perhaps he simply thought there was a girl named Dori around him his whole life that he couldn’t see. Either way, I hope he knows his true name and that he will be missed. Swim for that ocean Dorian. Just keep swiming.



39 thoughts on “Today My Fish Died

  1. J;
    I’m sure Dorian knows he is missed, at least as much as he knew his name was Dorian. Glad he was named after Dori instead of Dorian Grey. Of course if it had been D.G, he’d still be here to bubble at you in the morning BUT he’d probably have drank all your Scotch over and over again. ~~dru~~

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  2. Sorry to hear about that. Losing fish (or any pet) sucks. We’ve said a few more goodbyes over the years than I’d like.
    Before I moved back to Oki, we had a huge tank with an awesome Oscar that grew to be a little submarine. I fear we screwed up maintaining proper water or something because he fell ill a few months before we left. No way we could have transported him overseas, so we would have had to give him away… but I would have preferred that.

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      • Did you hold a service for him?
        When our fish swam to aquatic heaven, they usually took the, ahem, flushable route, but when Big Al, out wonderful Plecko, decided to float upwards, upside down, was preferable to swimming, we were devastated.
        We actually buried him in the garden… And the kids made lollipop stick memorial headstones for him! RIP Big Al….


  3. Aww.. Sorry… I feel your pain. I think my Oscar murdered yet another algae eater because he’s nowhere to be found. When Oscar does that “pretend death” it’s usually because the Ph level is starting to become unbalanced.

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