Writing Pain


I have been writing pain. It is exhausting to write things you want to forget about. It is tiresome to relive the moments you simply want to disappear.

I feel like I have been peeling my flesh off and placing it in a word document. It is a slow process because like an Olympic sprinter I feel worn out after only a page of writing. It isn’t the length, amount of words, or even the act of writing… it is what I am writing about. It is gathering all these emotions and feelings I’ve spread across countless blog posts and trying to corral them into a singular writing. It is a daunting task and I have caught myself already wondering if I have bitten off too much. We will see what comes. We will see if I can write through the pain.




21 thoughts on “Writing Pain

  1. OM…Bravo! write through it! It’s your story and getting it on paper, in book form, if you choose, will be healing for you and others! I wrote a book about my emotional pain and the destructive choices made from being sexually violated when a child. I never dreamed of writing until I knew inside the story had to be shared. It has changed my life! I encourage you to write it, release it and watch it help other people identify and heal! We all have our journey! If you don’t share it others will miss out on what only you can reveal. Write my friend, get your book out there!

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  2. Stay strong, either it will get easier, or it will feel better when your finished or at worst you’ll know more about yourself. There’s a fine line that has to be walked between challenging and nurturing yourself, unfortunately we all have to find our own balance point. Good luck! 🙂

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  3. This is the 1st post of yours that I’m reading so I have no idea what is causing you so much pain however I do write about pain, physical and emotional pain on chonic illness nad I know hoe hard it is to talk about it, I hope that someone will read it and care or relate but most time there’s no reaction. I find it hard now to write about pain just because pain became part of me and sometimes I feel I’ve written too much about it or it simply lacks words to express how I feel. As for you it’s good to spit it up but if in the end it does no good to you maybe you should stop writing about it, however if it makes you feel bit better afterwards just keep writing 😉

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      • Yes, writing is a form of therapy, but if the problem has been bothering you for years and you can’t let it go, you will never heal. You need to ‘Cut the ties”. I had a friendship and when it broke up I felt my heart was breaking, I literally felt the pain in my chest. So I did a meditation wherei I imagined a cord connecting me to that person and I imagined myself cutting it to separate us. I had to do it several times over the course of a few weeks, but the pain let up. I wished the person well and began healing.

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