What is a Blogging Expert?

I have never met an expert on blogging. I have met many people that thought they were experts and gave their advice expertly…

People often remark that I must be a blogging expert due to my blog stats. They couldn’t be further from the truth. I learn new things about blogging each day and week. I see people breaking the mold all the time and I applaud those people for marching against the tide. There is so much advice out there most of us are tired of advice. We just want to blog.

When I started my blog HarsH ReaLiTy in 2013, I thought I was creating a hobby for my new graveyard shift. I was just looking for something to take up time and to distract myself. I never imagined I would grow to love the sharing of opinion, the creating of connections, or the daily dialogue I find within the walls of WP. It never occurred to me that blogging would make me want to be a writer.

I have written my whole life. Stories, journals, and school work all count as writing… but I have only begun to push myself to write with confidence these past two years. Slowly I have grown to accept the fact that maybe writing was made for me. Maybe, just maybe, all those teachers in my past were wrong and I do have something worth sharing. Perhaps one day I will truly own the title of writer.

As I work on my first draft of my first book it is encouraging to me to see other writers and authors on the same path. I share a smile with each of your triumphs and victories on your road to publishing. Writers need all the encouragement in the world and it has definitely grown to be a “group sport” in a way. No longer is an author a mythical creature. No longer must you wait on a publisher or editor to tell you your words are worth sharing. You can now decide that on your own. That is the confidence that blogging has given me. That is the confidence I hope to carry over as I attempt to write and publish my first book.

To all those sharing my journey and on your own, I wish you the best! It can be done because it must be done. It must be written.




34 thoughts on “What is a Blogging Expert?

  1. Well said. I’m not so consistent with the blogging thing (working on it) but I have developed the habit of waking early to write. As you say, it can be done because it must be done! When is the pre-sale for your book? 🙂

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  2. I don’t have your numbers but there is an honesty within you that people seem to get. Well, I do. Yes, I never imagined Blogging would lead me to where it has today. I’m starting my Masters in Creative Writing. I have a lot of going on in my volunteering work. I don’t think all this would have happened if I didn’t persist in blogging. I am constantly amazed by people’s comments, shout outs. I don’t think I will ever be an expert not while I continue to believe that I learn everyday.

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  3. You definitely seem like an expert to me, and probably lots of others, Jason. But I agree, there are always new things to learn. As for your book, I wish you every success with that! I hope it’s going well so far.

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  4. Experience makes an expert, and you have a LOT of valuable experience to share.
    That is why people look to you.
    A book!

    I sort of started mine but got bogged down…..
    I hope 🙂

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  5. Hear, hear!!!
    Well said – and best wishes on your book amigo – I will buy a copy when it comes out – because of all you do for everyone else – and to explore the content too!
    Happy writing.
    And ahem- I have so many drafts all over the place – such is the writing life – kinda like blogging – we do what we do!

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