Selling Books the Write Way

Authors and bloggers both hate promotion, but at the same time they need it to gain visibility. Unless you are fortunate enough to have thousands of people reading your words daily and that are willing to spread the word like wildfire about your new release, you have to do much of that promoting yourself.

I am a blogger. I have done some book promotions, but really all I have done is present books by writers to those that frequent my blog. That is all I have done and it is the same thing I’ll do when I publish my own book. There is a fine line between promotion and spamming people. I’ll explain how I view that line.

People that get annoyed or upset by promotion are the same people that will get annoyed and upset over my posting habits. They are the same bloggers and writers that feel everyone should view social media the same way they do and they are the ones that will unfollow and unsubscribe from you as soon as you promote something other than your blog posts.

Here is the thing about those people. They don’t matter. They were never going to buy your book, they were never going to help spread the word about your writing, and they aren’t worth limiting yourself in hopes of appeasing their sensibilities.

As a social media networker and a blogger, I understand that many bloggers don’t share my views on blogging. I understand that the tricks, tips, and practices I employee aren’t for everyone and probably aren’t for most people out there. That isn’t going to stop me from doing things the way I know how to do. I adopted an attitude a long time ago that I will blog in the way I want. Promotion and networking are all part of blogging to me and those techniques I have learned will be used when promoting any book I write.

I have a blogger friend who has written a book. She has also created and carved out a nice niche for herself in the blogging world. I received an email from her asking the best way to promote a book and I gave her my honest answer. My answer was this, “learn the balance between spamming and promotion.” There  is a line between the two and you can obtain a balance that will help to not irritate all your blog readers.

The problem is that self-promotion itself is irritating to many people. The bloggers that haven’t written a book will think you are bragging or “forcing” your novel on them, the other authors will suddenly see another author in the mix that may steal their limelight, and new readers will begin to label your website as things it is not. This is all due to the post they happen to see that day or a post that led them to your website.

What does the opinion of other people matter to you? For many it matters a ton. For bloggers that have worked tirelessly to gain regular readers, there is a real fear that you will turn off those same readers because of your new pride and joy. Honestly if they are true readers they will not care how you promote your book or even how you blog, they will simply be happy for you. They’ll support you even if you publish a post a day about your release because that is what true support is.

Writers and authors must decide what is their best method of getting their title out there without turning off potential readers and buyers. Much of that has to do with how you advertise and promote yourself. There are tricks and methods to do this that MANY book bloggers can share with you. The only thing that will keep your book from getting bought is lack of awareness. Luckily you control that as the author, the blogger, and the promoter.

How badly do you want your book read?

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman




27 thoughts on “Selling Books the Write Way

  1. This was interesting to read. I do promote my books on my site, but I don’t constantly do so, and I try not to be annoying, ha ha. I have a books tab where people can go and look if they are interested. I like the sidebar area where I see many WordPress authors have their book covers linked. I don’t have a premium site, so that part is not an option for me. Thanks so much for this wonderful post.

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  2. “Writers and authors must decide what is their best method of getting their title out there without turning off potential readers and buyers.”

    Exactly. Sadly quite a lot are not savvy to the difference between incessant promo and incremental selling.

    The tricky aspect is obviously promoting in a crowded marketplace without the backing of a publisher or hundreds of fans, so I get the mentality that continual advertisement is the ticket for exposures sake, but it is a total turn off, like seeing the same damn ads on TV time and time again.
    False advertising is another irritation, the amount of ‘best sellers’ out there is staggering lol

    Ultimately, quality of product, word of mouth, ‘gentle’ promotion and hard work will win out.

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