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Not only are these people spamming everyone they can think of… they don’t even remember when they have emailed you before! You already offered me a spot on your “awesome team,” and yet you now think I am Deon?


I am warning all bloggers about this new group because they are obviously harvesting followers and subscribers from ALL OF US. Don’t believe everything people tell you and certainly don’t trust a group that claims to aim for being “the top 5 biggest blogging websites on the internet” with nothing to show for it. I’d rather write for the HuffPo…

Does anyone actually fall for this garbage? Be smart bloggers. Don’t take things at face value.

-Opinionated Man


date: Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 5:59 PM
subject: Blogging Opportunity

Hi Deon,

We have come across your blog  and strongly admire the content. Your writing abilities and ability to engage readers is remarkable and a very rare asset in this days and age oversaturated blogging community. We would love to have your content  on hopedisplayed on our website in order to display your creative work to a large platform.

My Trending Stories is a new website who prides itself on one specific value: giving back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression. Several blogging websites support a specific political view, ideology or mindset. Over at My Trending Stories no content is restricted as long as it does not contribute to racism, discrimination or anything that violates an individual’s human rights. Through this, we aim to be one of the top 5 biggest blogging websites on the internet.

We strongly believe that your writing aligns with our core value, and would love to have your content displayed so that it can reach an even broader audience. As a contributor on MTS, your creative work will remain yours at all times and we even encourage that you promote your personal blog on the website. Feel free to even post work that was originally on your blog, the most important thing is that your message and story gets out to the world.

Furthermore, we place importance in seeing our writers grow. We keep in contact with our writers in order to provide mentorship and personal growth. We will also be having our first annual convention in 2017 where writers will have the ability to network and learn tips from people in the industry. This includes media, journalism, editors, authors and publishers!

We also have several interesting features such as a video section, and will soon be expanding in French and Spanish.

We would truly love to have you be a part of this team. If you are interested in this opportunity email us back at:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

My Trending Stories Team

84 thoughts on “My Trending Stories

  1. Thanks for sharing this!
    I just received an email at 11:30PM about this. I received a message on instagram a month a go and asked about more information, and basically got the SAME email you posted.
    I got confused because I don’t even have that much writing on my blog 😛


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  3. Thanks for posting something about this site. I got the same email and also a second one after I had already posted a couple of links over there! I also thought it was funny that they are boasting a platform for writers and they found me through my photo blog which has no writing whatsoever, so that whole first paragraph of their pitch def. set off bells. As an experiment I re-posted a few things from my WP blog to see if it might draw a few followers and also to see if there were any decent discoveries to be found. I did find one decent musician but for the most part it’s a sea of confusion. Searching via tags is pointless because there is nobody regulating it. You find teen blog make-up tips under the ‘Creatives’ category and within’ ‘Creatives’ there aren’t even any tags available for ‘Creative’ activities such as photography or Art or Printmaking or…anything creative!!!! Hahaha! A total waste of time.

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    • Well the tags are more to show you activity and who is actually posting! They aren’t regulated, but that’s a good thing I think! I got several emails from them as well, but I wish them the best as they build a “top website!” 🙃

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  4. I’ve just been contacted last week. Glad I bothered to google them. Even more glad that this was one of the top links on google. Thanks!


  5. Reblogged this on iWrite and commented:

    Just got this message on my instagram. I don’t even have 20 followers yet and I started my blog 2 months ago….knew this was fishy. Glad I decided to Google them and found this post! Thank you for writing this #spreadingthenews


  6. I just got the same message on my Instagram account, and I’m a very new website with only a handful of articles. Thought it was too good to be true. Thanks for writing this though. It’s nice to have confirmation.

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  7. Yeah, I got one of those, too…which is funny because my actual number of written words is small. My blog is mainly photos. After doing a google search on what is this thing, up you popped. Thanks for putting the real back in it. ~SueBee

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    • Same here! They approached me with that same pitch:
      “Your writing abilities and ability to engage readers is remarkable and a very rare asset in this days and age oversaturated blogging community. We would love to have your content on hopedisplayed on our website in order to display your creative work to a large platform.”
      only they hit me up via my photo blog which has zero writing!

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  8. Hi,
    Thanks for writing this. I received the same email from them. Not similar but SAME. I have been trying to find someone who knows something about them but saw that most people have agreed to write for them and posted so on their blogs sending them traffic (like you mention).
    It felt shady when there was no real person or team to read about. So I asked to know more about them, and got a vague reply about being a New York based blog and that they will ‘soon hire an editor who would be available in case I need’. I replied asking to see profiles of someone, anyone who worked there. You know just to know ‘the team’ and they didn’t respond. That is how my doubts were confirmed. It has been a while since then and now I found this.


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  9. Got the email, wasn’t sure so I ignored it, but I still feel cheated! The thing I hate most is while we are all being so suspicious, what are we missing. Every scam like this makes the world a harsher and more cynical place. Trust is a beautiful thing, and every time its abused its like a stone thrown in the lake rippling out mistrust, resentment, hate and isolation.

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  10. Good lord, it’s like they’re using copy and paste. I got the exact same email and I looked at their blog and noticed they were getting practically no traffic. I had no interest in contributing to their blog anyway, but when I politely declined, they responded with a less respectful rebuttal. I’m curious when the next email will come.

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  11. Reblogged this on Pearls Before Swine and commented:

    SCAM ALERT!!! Many of you who are familiar with my blog know that I have tried writing for My Trending Stories, Yes, I went for it. I was very suspicious of them but wanted to see for myself. I was foolish but not that foolish! I only uploaded articles that you can already find on my blog . However, I went to delete an article earlier and couldn’t delete it! I then went in and erased all of my articles so that even if someone wanted to click on them they’ll only see a picture, no article. I am glad that Jason posted this, it is my second confirmation today and I am sharing this to help others who are victims of scam blog sites who only want to monetize on someone elses work. You may laugh but oh well, you live and you learn. I’m just happy I was smart enough not to upload anything important. My plan was to try it for myself and see. Now I know. Lesson learned.

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