So. Life

I began writing a book today and will see it through to completion. Regardless if it is a bad book.

I have set myself for a moment when two paths are present. I’d love to write for a living, but I won’t make money the same way other people do online. It just isn’t in me. It isn’t from lack of energy or effort. I put a ton of effort into both of my websites and I did it knowing I was growing a platform. Whatever you may say about my blog, it is simply a blog and I’ve always hoped to write a book/s and sell it from my sites. I know the odds of writing a best seller so please save the lecture. What it really boils down to is that I’ve always dreamed of being an author. I’ll decide later how I publish, but for three years I’ve been flexing. Trying new writing, trying to mix it up. Some think it’s great, some think I suck, some have told me to stop writing… It has all been fun to me. An opportunity to network on an endless and borderless platform. Many people, many of you guys in the back over there, would scoff at me and tell me to monetize it all. You’ve heard that right? It is a trendy way of saying make money off your platform and it is an option. I don’t really feel like selling myself for virtual assistant hours and I don’t want to sell the site. I don’t care that it is falling, I like the addy and will keep paying the domain. Fees suck by the way. Just saying. So I write books and hope people buy them, because you know authors you are supposed to “build that platform”(sorry I couldn’t resist. It isn’t funny). I mean what if you build the platform and then you write a shitty book. And then you write another shitty book. That doesn’t sound fun. I better edit the shit out of this. I suddenly am reminded of giving a speech in college and I was supposed to tell the class all about Roman military. I knew the topic inside and out, but suddenly I drew a blank. I just stuttered and said two sentences… then I sat down. The class kinda looked around like “what the fuck just happened?” I just sat there and pretended liked nothing happened. After class I told the professor English was hard for me and could I do a paper instead? I got an A on the paper!

So if I don’t figure out something or write something I’ll have to spend less time blogging. I don’t think I’ll do anymore author promotions after the few I’m doing. I’ll spend time working on certs for work…

So I hope the book turns out ok. No pressure. I’m in a hurry and won’t edit this. Be backs.




40 thoughts on “So. Life

      • If that’s your greatest fear then don’t worry. Your writing is never dull, commentary on life, that’s often true but always said with humour. You could never fail to enthrall, captivate and amuse anyone reading your novel. I say go for it, don’t be afraid to fail, after all failure can push us on to bigger and better things. Love and peace Jason, and hoping you get something down to build on!


  1. So many bloggers are finding their book writing muse! Congrats on the leap. I know I need to blog less (but I love my 1-2 posts a week and will continue that), so that I can keep writing my next book. Go for it Jason, and who the he** cares what other people think. Self-publishing is the way to go. Enjoy the process!

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  2. All the best in your writing journey Jason! No matter what the outcome is, I am sure that you will be proud of deciding to do it in the first place. It will be a tough battle ahead my friend but it will be worth it. Much love.

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  3. Marketing seems to be the big issue in this process. You can write the best darn book and unless you can get it out and promote it, it will draw dust on some shelf. I’m wondering about a series. Long ago great writers used to put out a short story with a cliff hanger at the end that drew the readers in for the next episode. They got paid for that.

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  4. I wish you the best of the best luck and I see you as an incredible writer. I hope that your blog is out there for us to stay in touch. Concentrate on your book, pour your heart into it if that is your dream. Use your blog for fun, for a breath of fresh air if you will; when you need to sit and enjoy life through others eyes. 🍀 (I’m not Irish, but I saw is fitting) 😉

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  5. Best of luck on the endeavor. I’ll tell you, it was a great sensation to hold a novel in my hand with my name on the cover and know that, whatever degree of good it may be, I made that.
    Telling people “Yes, you can find me on Amazon” is always fun too.

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